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I can’t tell you how happy I was to be contacted by someone making makeup here in Jamaica. Making mineral makeup that’s better for the skin. I am elated. When she asked me to review the line I said YES GIRL WHEN??? It’s well documented on the blog that even though I love to play in makeup every now and then, I have no idea what I’m doing usually and almost always skip foundation entirely because Jamaica is hot and I sweat a lot! I mean A LOT. But I was happy to be able to play in a product made right here in Jamaica that could start me on my journey of grownup makeup. Here’s to a long lifetime partnership with me and True Shade Minerals!

True Shade Mineral Makeup Made in Jamaica

Since I wanted to do the application right by the brand, I asked my friend Ceta from Ethnicurls who’s a trained makeup artist to hook me up and also to give me her thoughts on the line. I am so in love with the cream-to-powder foundation, it dries to a weightless powdery finish that’s just everything.



Great match and coverage, don’t you think? Dianne Plummer is the young woman behind the line who was in Finland completing studies in chemical engineering who decided to utilise all that nerdwork for something that would help alleviate her makeup frustrations in Northern Europe, which I imagine is dominated by a more lighter skintone population. Big kudos to her for following through and bringing home a brand that’s unique and Jamaican-made. Watch the video for more of our thoughts on the line.

Dianne Plummer

Dianne Plummer


Photos of my completed look

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