I had a faaaaaaabulous weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jamaica Pegasus did it again with their tweetup. It was bigger and better, but only because it was literally bigger. The heat! It was too hot outside to have this event, I prefer it within the confines of the a/c’ed Talk of the Town venue on the top floor! All the usual amenities were present, food, drink, ambience giveaways, schmoozing and boozing. A few pics:

On Saturday I had a much more laid back meet up with bloggers who have been following this blog over the years and vice versa. Some have stopped blogging, others are still hanging in there, but it was great to meet everyone over some excellent jerk chicken at Scotchies. Partying and lyming, two of my favourite things to do! Let’s do this again….sometime next month…. or two….mama can’t thro’ down like she used to!ย 



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