UBTandR Latest: Lunch in 9.58 or it’s free

Always one with the special promotions aimed at keeping customers happy, Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records Sports Bar has a new lunch promotion for you to try. They think they can serve you lunch in 9.58 minutes and if they fail, the bill is on them. They’ll even give you a stopwatch so that you can track the time. The catch is that you have to order from a certain lunch menu which is in itself pretty basic and made up of foods that are mostly pre-prepared and easy to throw together, like jerk chicken and pork platters, spring rolls, quesadillas and pastas.


Here’s a look at one side of the menu. It offers a crispy chicken sandwich with fries, curry mutton with white rice, tomato basil marinara pasta and creamy alfredo pasta. You have the option of adding chicken to your pastas as well. Lunch is between 11:30 am and 2:30pm and comes with a glass of Pepsi included. Here’s the other side of the menu with my timer running as I had already placed my order of crispy chicken sandwich and spring roll, quesadilla platter.


There must have been a record for the fastest time out the kitchen for my order which came in an unbelievable 4 minutes and 32 seconds.

20141016_125046 20141016_125059

Lunch was good too. I asked them to consider adding another ingredient to the quesadilla to set it apart from all the other quesadillas out there as it tasted as if it really was a 3 ingredient snack: chicken, cheese, wrap. I need at least some peppers, maybe some pineapple, something else to give it a little oomph. I did enjoy my meal and went in again for pasta that was served this time in a little over 7 minutes.

20141016_132737 20141016_132732

Yum yum. My thoughts on this promotion? It’s a great option for a quick in and out lunch. It’s fun and competitive and the options are great sports bar options for when you’re craving that type of food. If you ask me though, I miss the Independence lunch menu. Can we bring that back?

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