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Deneice Falconer

Ex-colleague turned friend of mine Deneice calls herself an earth strong foodie who’s a vegetarian and on a quest to teach us how to live off the earth around us. A quick glance at her twitter timeline reveals how passionate she is about this topic as she tweets resources daily that confirm how much clean eating sans meat is good for us and ways that we can incorporate it in our lives. I told her recently that she really should anchor all this info on a blog and she responded that she started to but fell off the wagon…I’d like to think I inspired her to start blogging again and hopefully she’ll keep it up. 🙂

Recently she invited me, or rather I invited myself, to a little show and tell she had for a few of her friends. She says people ask her all the time what exactly is it that she eats and how to prepare vegetarian dishes and so she thought it would be a good idea to share her knowledge in an intimate little cooking class. She was excited to have landed an industrial kitchen to use but boy the heat! Working in an industrial kitchen everyday is bound to make people miserable. It was unbearable. I was drained for the entire day but I’m really happy I went.

On her menu for the class was:

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Curried Ackee Wraps
Mini Veggie-Burgers
Tossed Salad with Tofu Croutons
Escoveitched Tofu with Bammy
Japanese style potato salad
Veggie Chocolate Cupcakes and Ice Cream

The soup was great! I loved it and would do it at home. Veggie soup is no problem for me, when I cook soup at home I rarely put meat in it anyway. But the additional step of blending it all up and then adding coconut milk was brilliant! I didn’t even think of that. I would have done this when munchkin was younger and couldn’t handle chomping on the the vegetables too!

She’s been trying to convince me that tofu can be amazing so I offered to help prepare the escoveitched tofu.  She sliced it up real thin and had it marinating in all-purposed seasoning and soy sauce so all I had to do was coat it in whole wheat flour and then it was fried up and covered with esco sauce. This is a recipe for escoveitched fish if you’re not familiar, I realize my spell check doesn’t even recognize this word so if you’re not from this side of the world you may not know what I’m talking about. This is what it looked like after:

Passes for fish fillets but the taste itself wasn’t to my liking. However I didn’t write it off to the tofu, I think it was the store-bought esco sauce…I wasn’t a fan. It isn’t a dish I would prepare again but my take away from the whole experience is that tofu itself was quite flexible. If I were a vegetarian I could see myself having it friend up like that in the place of a chicken nugget. I bet it would go great with some honey mustard sauce. But since I love me some chicken….

The fried bits that topped the salad and acted as croutons were pretty good…that’s a great way to add some protein to a salad and the sweetness of the raisins in there made for a good mix of flavours. Mouth confetti as Deneice would say. The salad:

Didn’t even add dressing, it was pretty good. The curried ackee wraps I would need convincing on. I’m used to my ackee and saltfish….I’m not so sure how I feel having it curried…maybe with a little more salt? 🙂

I guess in Japan they mash their potato salad. Deneice lived there for a few years and taught English. The “potato salad” was good, but then again this is how I make my mash potato at home too with the corn and all. I don’t add cucumbers though, not a huge fan. She used vegetable butter in hers instead of the mayo I would have used.

So this was my plate:

A whole plate of food and no meat! LOL. I’m not a huge meat eater, but I do love me my chicken and fish. I was full and I did not miss it today though. But then I had three courses….

The chocolate cupcake was mucho yummo! There’s no egg or milk in there, all vegan everything. Same for the ice-cream. These items were store bought, they were just an introduction to us. I missed the dairy in the ice-cream I won’t lie. It wasn’t as creamy and rich…but the cupcakes were excellent.

Thanks so much Deneice for this little intro into vegan lifestyle. Next time I have a vegan for dinner I may make your curried ackees and I’ll have tofu topped salad 🙂 Remember to check out Den’s blog and follow her on twitter if you’re interested in any of this.

BTW am I saying this right? I know there’s a difference between vegan and vegetarian…hopefully I’m getting it right here. Do you like the background for my cupcake plate? It’s a beautiful dress that I talk more about on my main blog here.

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