Video Blog: Relaxed, Transitioning Hair Braid-Out

Even though I have two braid out posts with lots of pics, I get enough hits from google of people searching for relaxed hair braid-outs and so I thought I’d do a video too. This was my hair right before I did the braids you’ll see in the video:

Fresh from a wash and infusion of my current products. After watching the video I realised just how much my hair could really use some┬ámoisturizing┬álotion after take down, so I’m back to using my Olive-Oil conditioning lotion. The stuff is great.


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  1. I still do this style occasionally, I’m extremely lazy so I blow dry it until its about 80% dry or I corn row it when its dry and spray it with water. Mine actually lasts for app 4 days with looking good, but I do realize it gets really dry so I have to put some moisturizer in. Good luck in finding a way to have it last… I just go to bed lol X_X

  2. Great blog!!! Very informative, Diva ­čÖé You can post your vid on our facebook page too. Our page and store is about HAIR care, natural AND relaxed. Hope to meet you soon.