Video Review: Asherlee Naturals Jamaican-Made Natural Hair Product Line

This review is long overdue but I don’t really mind as it gave me a chance to use the products over a prolonged period and really get to know which products from the line work for me and which I’d pass on. So a little over a month ago I received a line of natural hair products from Sherelle Curtis, a Jamaican naturalista who owns and operates Asherlee Naturals. I had just returned from Trinidad which made it the perfect time to try something new (and hoped to high heavens that it worked) because my hair had been neglected and was well thirsty!


The video is below but here’s a little chat I had with Sherelle who spoke on her inspiration behind the line and her views on the natural hair scene in Jamaica:

I have been working on this line since 2009 but it wasnt until January 2013 that I officially branched out full time. There were one or two persons that started to try out some [of my] stuff before then and I always got great feedback and persons were always asking me what I used in my hair. So I thought to myself that I must be doing something good and why not share my knowledge and the products to other ladies. My inspiration for going natural was that I wanted a change. I found myself on YouTube a lot looking on natural hair videos and the more I watched them the more I was being convinced that this was something I could do. I was also amazed by its versatility and that natural hair could grow to long lengths. So my inspiration were the naturals on YouTube.
The feedback has been great so far, it has been better than I expected. Other than personal preferences, I have not had any negative feedback from my customers. One of the good things about making your own products [is that you] are able to customize to a clients needs. So for example, I met someone who wanted their products to be fragrance-free and I was able to give her that even though what I had out to sell had fragrance.
Wow the sky is the limit. I would love to get a lot more different types of products on the line but right now I’m going stick with the products I have now and allow them the get their footing in the market. I hope to make Asherlee Naturals a house hold name both here and abroad.
The natural scene in Jamaica has definitely grown over the past few years but [is] definitely far from where it should [be]. I personally am not really interested in insisting that persons become natural but I insist on taking care of their hair. #goodhairishealthyhair After all, being relaxed or natural is a personal decision. However more education on natural hair is what I would like to see more of; I think we know enough about relaxed hair. Fellow naturals, we just need to continue doing what we’re doing #demagotiredfiseewiface Natural hair seems to still be a phenomenon in Jamaica  I love how it has definitely united us as women as we are all learning to take care of what God gave us together

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