Dieting on holidays is not fun. Well…its non-existent. Weekend after weekend I have been unable to stick to my regimen completely and this past holiday weekend was the worst of the lot. KFC, Burger King, ting and vodkas,  all inclusive parties, chocolate cake. Sigh……………

It makes everything else looks like a waste. 5 days on and two days off…..I’ll still lose weight right? Because it seems that I’ve been on the 5/2 diet, not the HCG diet. I only have 10 doses of HCG left before my regimen is over and I enter maintenance mode. I did say that I will not repeat the HCG diet and that still stands. Lifestyle change…not a diet. Moderation, not starvation. More clean eating, more home-cooked, more veggies, less eating out, less desserts, less drinking. Oh, and much more exercise. That’s the way we’re going here.

I did at some point make it down to 175 and how glorious it felt. It didn’t last long though and as of right now I stand at 180 again. Sigh. It was a horribly decadent weekend. Next time I’ll try to go half in, not all the way in. I was like fck it, I’m on vacay and threw out all my rules. That was not a good idea. I could have had jerked chicken instead of KFC, I could have passed on the chocolate cake. I could have had cran-vodkas instead of ting and vodkas. It was an all-inclusive party, I wasn’t gonna not drink.

But being back at 180 is lesson well learned. Seeing progress and knowing I was acting counter to that isn’t a great feeling. So I’m back on my regimen and trying to go hard this week to at least get back to 175. I was looking and feeling great in my little layered black and white party dress (above) on the beach and I want to continue this progress.

Today so far I have had strawberries and a bowl of cereal. I will be having chicken and corn for dinner and more strawberries for my second snack (if I feel hungry again after dinner) I will hopefully make it out to the park for my 3 mile walk/jog But if not, I will be doing my Jillian Michaels work out in a few minutes….just in case. All this week I plan to do both work outs daily to try and hit back my 175 mark.

Inspiration: 3 Bebe dresses. I love the Bebe brand. Don’t own one….working my way into one soon tho!


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