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IrieDiva and Munchkin

I just jumped right in on my munchkin forgetting to introduce her properly since many of you may be new to the Irie Diva world. Munchkin is my beautiful baby girl that was born on January 26, 2010 at 6:03pm. She was a whopping 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long and at 2 months is already 12lbs 13 ozs and a full 2ft tall allllll on only breastmilk! Yes, breast is best, don’t be fooled. She is an absolute darling of a girl, very social, I guess she gets that from both her parents. She will “chat” and crack up with laughter with just about anyone. That’s my girl. She’s not a fusser, not at all…unless you try to put her down when she’s not quite done surveying the land. She definitely does not like to lay down on her back for any extended period of time, she’s much happier up and about! She loves “tummy time” as well, she does what I call the “bedstroke” as it looks as if she’s swimming on the bed. Thats how she gets from point A to point B, and now she has also started to turn over from tummy to back. I don’t think she’s consciously doing this as yet tho, she just happens to flip herself over when she’s moving about and it can be very startling to her. LOL

She is a real joy, my life has seriously been completed. I can’t remember life before her and I can’t imagine life without her. I used to be quite the party-goer before. I have yet to return to the social scene as the thought of not being there when my munchie wakes for her 3am feeding just makes me want to cry. 🙁 I’m definitely not ready for all that. For now I am happy with the occasional games and movie nights. Her dad does not live on the island (we live in Jamaica) right now, he works on another Caribbean island. That sucks but maybe soon my little family will be whole again.

I know facebook and a blog is the same in terms of internet presence, but somehow I think its creepy to post her picture here. Is that weird? Anyhow, no more pictures for now, maybe later when I get over this creepy feeling. I have her birth story here, if you want to read that. I love birth stories.

Irie Momma

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