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Watch: Sex and the City 2, IrieDiva Style

the fashion from satc2

So I went to see Sex and the City 2 and of course I loved it. By the way….this post is going to be a total spoiler so if you don’t want none, keep it moving! 😛

But yeah Liza Minnelli doing the geriatric version of Single Ladies??? LMAO that alone made it worth it and that was in the first 10 or 20 mins I’m sure.

Anyhow yes we knew the fashion and the whole dang movie would be over the top and all that jazz but really…we didn’t already know this? Come on, your expectations for this movie should have been fun and fashion, that’s exactly what I went for and what I got out of it.

But on to the fashion! I’m so excited! I’ve decided to start “vlogging” and this is my first attempt! I cheated a little bit, you won’t actually see me, I’m just narrating cus in this heat I wasn’t trying to be all sweaty with a cam in my face buuuuuuuut I had so much fun and I think you’ll like it. I hope you do! Please let me know!!!

It’s quite amateur and I keep saying “shoes” when I really should be saying “shoe.” Rather annoying to me but I really was too thru with all the “takes” I did. Anyhoo I’m rambling, please enjoy!

So what ya thought? So weird hearing myself, I’m gonna freak out when I actually do a vid, this was really just a slide show with me narrating but hey…we’re getting there. If you want full info on what each person was wearing in the pics, the E article is here.

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8 thoughts on “Watch: Sex and the City 2, IrieDiva Style

  1. I loved the colorful fashion as well, I think they stepped up Miranda's wardrobe, I loved everything she wore in the movie, which was nice.

  2. awww u did well Ms. Diva… and yah i absolutely loved the fashion in sex and the city. my fav outfits: the white dress that Charlotte had on in the early part(yah i dont knw the name)OMG it was jus fabulous. and that orange dress that Carrie had on while walkin the beach. the shoes were fabulous but i am gonna just be badmind and not comment on them since i cant wear them.

    Good goin tho!

  3. Yes, I agree with most everything you've said. The fashion wasn't practical, esp for women in the Caribbean, but as you've pointed out, the essence of the styles can be achieved even without being able to afford a US$10,000 Dior dress.

    Great going, Irie Momma!

  4. no spoiler for me thanks. . . but is it any good?
    I was hesitant to go see it because I didn't watch the show etc. . .

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