Welcome to 2016! Let’s try this again

Heeeeey y’all! Happy New Year! I hope 2015 was amazing for you and if it wasn’t then here’s to hitting that reset button and giving 2016 our all! In life, there are cycles and levels and every now and then we hit a dip. In 2015, I would say I coasted along on an upward stream but without purpose. My hands weren’t firmly planted on that steering wheel as much as it ought to have been. My head was surely in the right direction and my feet made some of the moves I definitely wanted to make as the opportunities came my way, I just don’t think I made the utmost best of them that I really could have. There were some definite fumbles along the way.

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It’s always good to reflect on these things and learn the lessons that ought to be learnt so that we’re equipped with the knowledge we need to make more profound next steps. All in all, I have not one complaint about 2015 and I am amazed that life unfolded in the ways that it did for me, especially in the latter part of the year. It certainly energized me to throw my all into the opportunities that has been presented to me, to become an expert at these opportunities, and to make the absolute most of them!

Of all the opportunities that were attracted to me last year, two are very near and dear to my heart because of what they mean for my future. One puts me in the corporate world again but in such a way that it is fun, exciting and right up my alley. The other puts me back into the entrepreneur realm, making my own moves and earning on my own time. These two streams are my main focus this year and if I excel at them both, then I’m pretty sure I will hit my financial goals this year too! There’s nothing like doing the exact kind of work that you love to do! You know the saying, never work a day in your life! With that said, I’m proud to announce one of those opportunities right now. Meet the new marketing manager at Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Recordsiriediva at tracks and records

This has been a tremendously exciting time for me as what started out as a social media manager based role has mushroomed into a full-time, full-fledged marketing position. A position that has come with many challenges and learnings and has certainly pushed me beyond anything I’ve ever done in my professional life and I am super excited about growing with and in this role. What is Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records? It’s a Jamaican-themed casual dining restaurant and sports bar that is about to take the world by storm! When you step inside a #TracksAndRecords you’re enveloped by  sports, Jamaican music and that unique island vibe that we’re known for and loved. The one and only Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, has thrown his name behind this chain and for the past four years we’ve managed to maintain our foothold in the market. It’s time for us to take that to the next level. I’ve been with the group since June of last year and I’m excited to make a bigger mark this year.

With that said, I did name this blog post “let’s try this again” and for good reason. Having been at the restaurant for over 6 months has surely led to my willpower taking a loooong vacation while I dived face first into the delicious food offerings at the restaurant day in, day out. I have no idea how much I weigh now, remember we go by how we look and feel, not by the number on the scale. What I do know is that I am back to buying extra large clothes when I had gotten myself down to a cool medium.  So, let’s not forget about our healthy goals, let’s dive right back in! I am super charged and ready to kick this weight back to where it belongs, into sweat and tears! I have a new lineup ready and waiting to shed these pounds and I hope you’re still with me! Whether you’ve managed to maintain your ideal weight, gained a few holiday pounds or are like me and want to get back to where you wanna be, let’s try this again!

IrieDiva is back and ready to help you and be helped by you to our best bodies and minds yet for 2016 and beyond. Thanks for sticking with me through the years and welcome to yet another round!

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