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Jamaica we have a bobsled team! Come on, you have to sing it to the tune of the Cool Runnings song 🙂 

When I heard that Mystic Mountain was a part of the wedding and honeymoon bloggers trip I was elated!!! I only just found out that they had a bobsled ride and I was so excited to try it out. I haven’t been on a roller-coaster in forever! I totally wanted to zipline as well but it truly would have been too much as we had gone to Dolphin Cove earlier in the day and were pretty beat already, so we only got to do the bobsled ride. Totally worth it!

So let me back up. Recently, I was invited to tour some of the different attractions that Jamaica has to offer visitors who are looking for destination wedding locations and you know, things to do while in Jamaica. This is also a great opportunity to highlight things to do to my fellow Jamaicans who may travel abroad often in search of fun and adventure or who simply aren’t aware of some of the attractions available to us right here in our backyard! Keep it in the family, you know. 🙂

So Mystic Mountain begins with a Sky Explorer ride described as the only way to get to the park. It’s not a fast ride, a simple chairlift that takes you over 700 ft in the air to get to the park. No biggy. (insert random screams here)

Over the treeeeeeeeees! Apparently, they do weddings up there too. Wanna get married at 700ft? The view was nice, if you could focus on that while dangling from the chairlift.

The town of Ocho Rios off in the distance, zoom and no zoom for perspective. This ride lasts about 20 minutes and has a lot of moments of fright with random stops and turbulence along the way, all unplanned. I loved it though and I managed to keep my flip-flops with me the entire time. 😀

The view at the top of Mystic Mountain while we waited for our ride. AYou can see the water-slide emptying into a small infinity pool. I’m definitely planning for that when I go back. I love water-slides! And lunch by that view definitely looks appealing. Man, our trip here was too short! But yes, the ride! You can go by yourself or attached to one other car. My friend decided she’d go with me if I went ahead and I was pumped to go full throttle the entire journey! See, you’re in control of how fast you go. The ride comes with brakes that you can engage if you feel like you’re gonna lose your insides. But I was pumped!!! And she trusted me lol. The ride is very short, it only lasts 5 minutes if you go full speed so plan to ride this several times! Definitely go in the offseason so you won’t have a long wait each time. I opted not to purchase the photo that they capture right before the big fall but you could see my focus in the picture! LOL, I was trying to not lose myself! Those corners were something special, I won’t lie, I used the brakes a couple times.

We were ushered through the gift shop at the end of the ride and I snapped these pictures:

Those are bags. Lovely eh! I have more but I was told shortly after that pictures aren’t allowed in the gift shop but I had to share these three. They had some really lovely dresses and beauty products as well. It was a short visit so I snapped a few more pictures and then we headed back to the sky explorer:

They don’t exactly stop the chairlift so you’re expected to just kinda drop in the chair and then tuck and roll at the other end. I had a whole lotta fun at Mystic Mountain and I definitely want to be back for the full experience; zip line, waterslide, lunch by the pool, butterfly garden to relax. 😀

The following day we went to Chukka Caribbean Tours for some river tubing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal pictures from this experience as I left my phone and camera on the bus and hopped out in my bikini ready for adventure. Once more, I opted to skip on the pictures that they took. I’m investing in a waterproof camera for sure. As you can see above, they have a wide variety of tours available on this property. I loved that the tour guides were extremely knowledgeable about the area. While driving in the open truck through the orange fields, they advised us that we were on what was once a sugar plantation fielded by over 3000 slaves. It was kinda eery for me. I can’t imagine the things that happened on that land. They pointed out the great house and the hills surrounding, making jokes that Jurassic Park was filmed there. It did look an awful lot like the movie.

Anyway, our tour guide strapped us in life vests and took us down a mile-long journey, pointing out different types of trees, birds and buildings that are centuries old. I learned quite a lot on the ride and enjoyed the relaxing experience atop the icy water. There was only one rapid that was really wicked, it actually snapped our rope connecting all our tubes! Yeah, that one was something. If I had braved to bring a camera it would have surely been tossed or soaked on that one. Otherwise, the rapids were pretty tame.

This photo from here. I’ve been river-tubing before but still enjoyed my experience a lot and would do it again. Next time I visit Chukka though, I want me one of these:

They also do zip line and horse-back water trails. I’ve done the horseback thing before and boy…it can be pretty scary high up on this animal that has a total mind of his own and may or may not like that you’re currently sitting on him trying to control him! But anyway there you have it! Adventure in the hills of Jamaica! Have you done any of these tours before? Which one have I convinced you to try? 🙂

Zipline, bobsled ride and river tube adventures at Mystic Mountain and Chukka Tours

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