The Great Shabba Ranks Performing in Jamaica for the first time in so long at Reggae Sumfest 2012

I’m hoping I’m very qualified to give advice on what to wear to a reggae concert. I’d be very ashamed if I wasn’t being that I am a native of the birthplace of reggae music. However, style is a very personal thing so I won’t feel too bad if our taste in styles are different. What I will give however, is a few tips on what to wear to our outdoor Reggae festivals here in Jamaica based on weather and the general terrain and environment of our outdoor spaces.

The Pieces of Your Reggae Concert Outfit

With that said, let’s consider the bottoms. I like to wear leggings to Reggae festivals for two reasons, it might get cold in the night and because I’m trying to avoid any potential bug bites. Our Reggae concerts are normally held in a field somewhere with lots of grass. This means mosquitoes and all sorts of little things flying and jumping around. No thanks.

Even if you’re attending a concert indoors however, I still recommend leggings because at a Reggae concert honey you want to be comfortable. You’re about to dance all night long. You’re expected to buss a wine and work up a sweat. I like to be as comfortable as possible just in case I want to buss a head top or a six-thirty. ūüėČ

That said, your favourite shorts will work well too, jeans or otherwise. You could also just throw on your favourite pair of jeans. Totally OK because jeans can be jazzed up. I would simply stay away from short skirts. Geometric printed leggings are a favourite of mine, you’ll see a few in the options listed above. Anything with any kind of cut-out is really trendy too and will work well to cover up but show of some style.

Shoe Choices for Your Reggae Concert Experience

Again, I’m usually out for comfort in the shoe area. I tend to wear boots to outdoor, grassy concert venues to cover up my feet from potential bug bits. I also just really love the look of boots over my jeans or leggings. Flats or sneakers are perfectly fine too as they’re definitely some cute options in these categories out there. If I’m just going to a reggae club then I will wear sandals. I threw in a banging pair of heels for the young people. However my time of wearing heels out to the club are long gone. I’m out for dancing the night away and I can’t do that in heels.

I’m also a fan of adding a kimono, duster, long cardigan situation just incase it gets cold out or I need to lay something out to sit on. Also for the layering effect, it’s a really simple way to add some pizzazz to an outfit.

Now in my list of reggae outfit party ideas I always like to include a bodysuit, especially if I have chosen to go with a cardigan or duster. They add a bit of sexy to my outfit.

Let’s get into some looks for a multi-day concert. I’ll use Reggae Sumfest here since it has three nights which different themes.

My first look is for dancehall night. You want to be comfortable, the nights run long! I kept things casual and cute while still spanning the different trends hot right now like neons, floral prints and peplums. I selected shorts for dancehall night and went with all flats. I would probably wear the boots since its in a grassy space and I hear rain is not uncommon.

I love the little peplum top, how cutesy! But then I also love the edgy-ness of the black shorts crop top, rugged boots. The possibilities are endless!

Dancehall Night


For International Night 1 I went with some dresses, again spanning from the casual to the chic and trendy girl who loves to colour block and wear something more form fitting. I love the idea of wearing such a feminine dress and then pairing it with some converse sneakers or wearing the ultra trendy colour block lace cut-out dress and pairing that with some classic oxfords. Mix it up!

International Night
For International Night 2 I went with some different looks here, from those who love tribal prints and leggings, those whose style is more a boho chic look and those who love everything high end. But even the high end Balmain studded skirt I still paired with a simple peace tank since I love to mix up pieces like this. The tribal studded print mini and the peplum black top is perfect for those who love to trend and I offered up some Jeffrey¬†Campbell¬†style chunky heels for those that simply can’t rock a flat to such an event.
International Night 2

International Night 2 by iriediva featuring embellished tops

What do you think of my Sumfest looks? See anything that reflects your style? Share with me what you’d rock if you were gonna go see Trey Songz attempt to make you scream his name this weekend!


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