So I finally have my perfect pair of blue suede shoes that I have been craving! unfortunately they’re not the ones from my last post. I still think those are the however I am mucho happy with the ones I have.

With that said…what to wear with them? I have so many ideas of course but lets spoil the pot! I want to hear yours!

Here are a few that I put together:




blue shoe

As yabba dabba doo as that yellow polka dot dress is…I really like it. LOL I’ve always loved polka dot actually but scanning y closet mentally…I don’t think I own one single piece. Unfortunately this won’t be my first as it retails for a month’s salary so I’ma have to pass.

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Above is an editor that you can mix and match items that have caught my eye. Lets dive into the world of styling…lemme see what ya got!


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