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So I finally have my perfect pair of blue suede shoes that I have been craving! unfortunately they’re not the ones from my last post. I still think those are the however I am mucho happy with the ones I have.

With that said…what to wear with them? I have so many ideas of course but lets spoil the pot! I want to hear yours!

Here are a few that I put together:




blue shoe

As yabba dabba doo as that yellow polka dot dress is…I really like it. LOL I’ve always loved polka dot actually but scanning y closet mentally…I don’t think I own one single piece. Unfortunately this won’t be my first as it retails for a month’s salary so I’ma have to pass.

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Above is an editor that you can mix and match items that have caught my eye. Lets dive into the world of styling…lemme see what ya got!

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