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The Jamaica Observer Food Awards happened recently at the Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica and as it is quite a swanky event with a JA$10,000 ticket, it brought out everyone’s Sunday best. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pics for you courtesy of the Stush Facebook page. Of course we can only go by what Stush captured, not every one was caught and some were sitting so we didn’t get the full effect but let’s have a go at it.

Sidenote: whatever delicious looking red mousse that is above? I WANT. Need. Who made it? Where can I get?

Moving on.

This was my favourite all white. I love the pattern on the bust and the flow of the too-long skirt….pants? Yeah. Nice. The short white dress is crisp and clean and lovely too.

I dub this pic fave accessories. Bright pink dress, bright blue clutch. I think the drink is adding to the reasons why I like this look so much too. How fun.

Speaking of colour, this was my favourite group shot. My favourite outfit of the lot is of course the orange maxi skirt with the turquoise necklace. Blue and yellow was cute too but it needed a little something extra to break up all that blue. I also love the earrings on peach blazer.

Natural hair in the house! Ok so we don’t have to look far to find natural hair in Jamaica but I liked this pic since all of them seem to be rocking their kinks and curls and they are cute to boot.

I have to pause a moment to issue a fashion citation to milady in the turq dress. Too. Much. Happening. The makeup, the colours, the accessories. It was just all too much for me. There’s colour, then there’s too much colour. But hey, this is just my humble opinion.

I’ll call this one good use of trend. Peplum is in right now as well as colour blocking done here by way of shoes. And the little purse is cute.

How cute is his red clutch? Awww.

I want to call this one best mature look. I absolutely love the black white and peach dress.

Best matchy matchy.

I really love this dress and wish I could see it full length but I’m gonna go ahead and guess it’s cocktail length. Fabulous.

Simple but chic. This is so me. I love the patterned shoes to tie it all together.

And finally, loving the jumpsuit in the middle and the accessories that went with! Plus the hair! Love.

Do you spot a favourite? Who was best dressed?

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