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I’m trying to think if anything not related to fashion has ever made my Wednesday wishlist posts. No, really. But recently as I made this post on Instagram about grapefruits I noted that I knew this info a long time ago and yet I rarely consume grapefruits that are abundant in my tropical country.

Why is this you may ask? Cause I hate peeling them. I mean…really. Same goes for oranges and yet I love to use orange juice as the base for my green smoothies. It’s ridiculous really, but not so ridiculous bcause as I lay in bed one night shaking my head at the fact that I currently have grapefruits neglected in the bottom of my fridge because I can’t bother to peel them, I recognised as well that I can’t be the only one at lazy level 100. And so with a quick touch of my phone I knew that there must have been someone out there who already invented wonderful tools used to do exactly this purpose to make life easier and lo and behold, there are 10 million varieties made in China. Of course.

And who ordered one immediately from my phone? Me. Of course. For all of $1.79. S. M. H. !!! Don’t you just love technology.

Look at this beaut! Why have I not thought of this before? I could kick myself. Matter fact, wait one minute, I’m gonna go kick myself. There’s also this kind, if you’re so inclined:

And this one that I’m familiar with. The fruit carts on the streets use something similar, right?

I can see clearly that I will need a big kitchen with lots of storage space when I buy a home because I will have a million gadgets. I mean, that’s the point of living in the 21st century with all this technology, right? Manual labour? That’s so… let’s not go there.

But I did find a host of gadgets that were promptly added to my wishlist like this coconut opener, this apple and potato peeler, corer, and slicer and this pineapple slicer and de-corer. Listen, just be thankful that I thought the banana slicer was overkill. I mean…really. But heck yeah to this spiralizer! I NEED that!

Can you blame a gal? What items are you coveting from my wishlist? Click the pictures if you see anything you’d like. They’re affiliates. 🙂 Happy efficient 2015! Here’s to more fresh orange juice! You think the potato peeler can do yams?

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