If you’re looking for a quality lifestyle website that accepts guest posts, you’re at the right place. We welcome you to write for us guest posts. We will publish your lifestyle content on our website. Please read our guest post rules carefully.

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Guidelines For Lifestyle Guest Posts

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is my passion. Over the years, many have sought my advice on various aspects of living a fulfilling life. Now, I’m excited to share my knowledge with the world. I’m open to quality guest posts that will help us all learn and grow together.

Here are our website guidelines:

Original Content: Ensure your content is 100% original and not published elsewhere. Your content must be plagiarism-free. You may include the author’s name and a 2-line author bio if you wish, though this is not necessary.

Make it Light: My blog is laid-back, casual, and often lighthearted. I appreciate easy-to-read, digestible, and helpful information.

Link Rules: You need to link our website’s related lifestyle posts within your content. If you don’t, these links will be inserted. You can add only one link to your own website.

Content Quality: Ensure your article is high quality with zero grammatical errors. Use tools like Grammarly to fix any issues. Follow a standard structure for your article, and use H-tags correctly.

Article Length: Your article should be a minimum of 1000 words. Research your topic thoroughly and write high-quality content. Do not include any adult or copyrighted material in your article.

Images: Include photos relevant to your article. Ensure all images are well-composed and copyright-free.

SEO: Write articles following SEO rules. Incorporate your targeted and relevant keywords naturally throughout the article.

Cost: We accept guest posts at a very reasonable price. However, please do not reach out with lowball offers. Resellers, this isn’t the website for $5 or $10 posts. Consider that you’re writing guest posts on a HIGH DA website ad propose a budget accordingly.

Contact Us: Send your pitch to iriediva@gmail.com. We will discuss pricing here.

Write For Us – Lifestyle

We are looking for guest posts in the following categories:

  • Fashion
  • Home Renovation and Decor
  • Personal Finance
  • Money and Relationships
  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Technology
  • General Lifestyle

Cannabis, crypto, and gaming are only accepted sparingly and from those with substantial budgets.

Note: Once your article is published on our website, you cannot publish it again elsewhere. This is grounds for removal and those found to be republishing content will be removed from this site and blocked from posting.

When you write for us, your post will not be marked any differently than our original content. It stays on our website for as long as we own it, you will be given a permanent dofollow link.

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