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On Friday evening past, fashion designer Stacia Davidson invited me to come see her new collection that would debut at the Jamaica Association of Young Professionals’ meetup at the Spanish Court Hotel. The JAYP has a business mixer ever so often and though I usually receive the invites in my email, I felt this one should not be missed since it seemed much more of a lime than lots of presentations.

Designer Stacia Davidson with the evening’s host Otis Hamilton. Isn’t her gorgeous natural hair just fab? You know I had to throw in a few questions about her hair when I chatted with her about her line:

When did you start fashion designing and how did you get into the biz?

I started designing outfit while at University. It started out as a hobby where I would re-design outfits that I had so that they would look different. I got rave reviews whenever I wore them and was encouraged by friends and admirers to get into the business.

How do you find the Jamaican market? Do you do this full time or do you have a 9-5 as well?

I believe that Jamaicans ultimately love fashion. They love looking good. If you market your brand to your target market then the rewards are there to be reaped. It’s hard though with limited resources but persistence is key. I am a full time entrepreneur. Yaad Trendz is only one of my babies. You have to decide that this is what you want to do. Commit to it and then you will succeed. DECIDE COMMIT SUCCEED! I got that mantra from a fellow Dream Warrior.

I have to comment on your hair, I love it! Can you tell me a little about your regimen? How you care for and style your natural hair?

Awww shucks, Thank you. Well, I only comb out my hair when it is being washed. After washing and I put in the conditioner, that’s when I comb it out…Only when the conditioner is in. I dare not do it any other time. I actually make big twists with the conditioner in it and wash it out with the twists still in place. I then let it air dry or pat it with the towel just to take out the extra water. Then I use a moisturizer but all this with the twists still in place. When I am ready to go out that is when I will pull out the twists and voila, the hair is curly and big. At nights, if I’m lazy I will just sleep on it but if I’m feel really responsible, I use my fingers to partition the hair, moisturize and put the big twists in it. This helps to protect the hair. You can either use a silk scarf to cover it or sleep on it as is. There are other protective styles you can do though for eg. Chiny bumps (Bantu Knots) or just check out youtube for others. So that’s basically my hair regime.

Where can we buy your pieces and how do we contact you for custom orders?

For now, you can buy my pieces by contacting me on Facebook  or via my website My contact number is 1-876-409-5217 and my email is Please do become a fan of our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

What’s next for Yaad Trendz?

Well our vision is to be a lifestyle brand as such, we have working plans in place to expand and revamp the brand from the initial clothing line to a lifestyle company. Our products and services will now include the female clothing line, the online magazine, wardrobe styling services, the implementation of our own events and the television show.
With the clothing line, our aim is to have two main collections for the year- Summer and Christmas Collection. Inspiration may call for mini collections in between but those will be the exception not the rule. We also hope to find a few stores to distribute on our behalf and also offer our products via an online store. As for the online magazine and TV Show, through our pages, we want to chronicle the celebrities, sounds, fashion, lifestyle, new media so YAAD TRENDZ will be the vehicle that gives a voice to Jamaican culture. We aim to be that authoritative voice that creates trends as much as it records them.

Me and ma roadie

Here are some of the pics from her line, some of which she went with a Jamaica 50 theme and the rest she describes as “bright and colourful, as I dream in colour.”

Photos by Craig Harley.

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