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Yendi Phillipps is Pregnant, Twitter goes Wild

Congratulations are in order for Miss Universe Runner-up 2010 Yendi Phillips who made an announcement last night on Facebook that she was 17 weeks pregnant and expecting “a little McGregor.”

The announcement was made close to midnight and almost instantly both her and Asafa Powell’s names were trending worldwide on twitter. I’ve never seen us trend something this quickly! This was big news! Yendi was previously linked to Asafa Powell and the jokes ran wild!

Jamaicans tout the former 100m world record holder as always being second ever since the rise of Usain Bolt. It made for some giggles though I’m sure both have long since moved on and he’s wishing her well.

Where things got ugly was when people started to pass judgement on Yendi for being unmarried. I get the emotion behind it. She’s Jamaica’s darling with an angelic image. Our little good girl. You kind of expected her to go that path, big lavish wedding then kids and the whole nine yards. But I didn’t expect this outrage! Kids outside of marriage is almost the norm these days. I’m an advocate for kids inside of a loving unity, whether wed or unwed. Marriage these days almost seems to make little difference. Cecile certainly never got this kind of attention when it was rumoured that she was pregnant for Chris Martin. I didn’t even check to see if it’s true, is it? Her bad gyal persona makes it ok I guess, but not our Yendi, right?

I say congrats to Yendi, you’re happy, your partner is thrilled and that’s all that counts. I can’t wait to see the fashion choices and the little bundle of joy when he or she arrives. Excitement! I hope your morning sickness is not as bad as mine was!

Yendi Phillipps just over a week ago in the Jamaica Carnival road march. Now we know why it wasn’t a bikini 😉


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4 thoughts on “Yendi Phillipps is Pregnant, Twitter goes Wild

  1. Well, it’s Biblical that we should be married before sex, most of the time it doesnt happen that way. I just want to say to Yendi and Chino congrats and all you have to do is, be the best parents and role model for this child. Just be prepared for the good and bad comments, none of us can undo your pregnancy. You seem quite happy and that is all what matters. Wishing you a safe delivery.

  2. Shame, Yendi! I would have thought that someone of your stature would at least get married before starting a family. You are a poor role model to all these other young people. They are now thinking if it’s good enough for you then it must be OK for them. Where is your sense of pride? Yikes!

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