Manifesting Wealth with Jen Sincero's Book

You Are a Badass Review: Manifesting Wealth with Jen Sincero

I’ve finally figured out that I am happiest when reading books about manifesting wealth. This is my favorite genre of self-help books. Welcome to my You Are a Badass Review.

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You know how sometimes you ask yourself how many of the same kind of books you’re gonna read? Well apparently…a lot. Ever since I read Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil way back when, something turned on inside of me that set my soul on fire. These books give me that invincible feeling that I can conquer the world, live the life I desire, and make all my wishes come true.

However, I need that fix to keep going. That book helped me out through some shaky times and helped me land on my feet, but as soon as I get comfortable, I start to feel lost again. Whenever I get comfortable/bored/frustrated, I start to yearn for that motivation to be the creator of my life’s path and not the reactor to the environment around me.

Manifesting Wealth with Jen Sincero's Book

You Are a Badass Review

Excuse the shaky picture. I read this book in 2017 and loaned it to someone right after. You know how that goes, I have yet to see it back so I haven’t been able to update the pics.

How did this book get on my radar? I came across a recommendation for another book from a food blogger I adore and I immediately purchased the book without reading the sample first. Big mistake. I didn’t love it. It wasn’t the right fit for me at the time.

But as I began to feel more and more claustrophobic in my environment, I knew it was time for change again. I knew I needed to connect with my internal energies and find my motivation to kick some ass. So I Googled “top manifesting wealth books” or something of the sort and came across a top 10 list.

As I began to click through each book, reading reviews on Amazon and trying to figure out which ones I wanted to read, I went down into the rabbit hole of self-help books and came across Jen Sincero‘s new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money. I read the reviews and decided to download the sample to my Kindle.

You Are a Badass Review

The Perfect Motivational Book – A Kick in My Ass

Finding this book was the perfect motivational reboot I needed. If you’ve ever read a Napoleon-esque book, you know they can be somewhat “heavy” and difficult to absorb. You really need to be in a mental space of concentration when reading one of his books.

On the contrary, I found Jen’s book to be the perfect amount of light and sass filled with witty but strong and actionable tips to immediately shake myself out of my funk. I was happy that I decided to purchase the hard copy as well as the Kindle e-copy as some books you want to hold physically in your hand and flip through pages when you desire.

In the book, Jen describes how she was once just as broke as you and I, unable to figure out just how she was gonna live the dope-ass life she knew was meant for her too. She took us through the frightening and sometimes downright crazy things she did to dig herself out of hand-to-mouth-dom and step by step climbed up to a lifestyle that most of us, certainly I at least, desire.

Outside of her own stories, she also references several others, whether celebrities, clients of hers, neighbors or others who cross her path. They were also able to turn their lives around and begin making mad money.

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21-day LOA challenge

Mental Money Blocks

She also helps us to tackle some mental blocks we may have with money in our own lives. Some of us think wanting to become rich is downright greedy, some have a bad relationship with money because of childhood or other trauma and some of us don’t even know we have this unhealthy relationship with money.

In the book, she attempts to make us lay on the couch as she “shrinks” us into a better relationship with money, allowing us to attract more money into our lives. I appreciated those moments because even though I’m not sure I had any abhorring thoughts about money, I held that stigma of greed we think of when desiring to be rich. That shame is so unnecessary. Money enables us to live our best lives and spread the wealth around. Absolutely nothing is wrong with wanting to live our best lives.

Manifesting Wealth

Since reading the book, I can definitely say that I have begun to make some moves towards the life I desire. The wealth ain’t flowing yet, but I will surely revert to this post when I’m rolling in the dough! The book was a great reminder that we are the creators of our lives and that we decide on exactly how we live, not our parents, not our boss, not the environment which we live in, but us.

We choose how we want to live our lives and if we’re not happy with how life is right now, we can actually change it. It’s within our power to live our best possible lives. And I am committed to living mine.

21-day manifestation challenge

5 Things I Learned

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero is a self-help book that provides practical advice and motivational insights to help readers transform their relationship with money and achieve financial success. Here are my five key takeaways from the book:

1. Mindset Matters

Sincero emphasizes the importance of adopting a positive and growth-oriented mindset when it comes to money. She encourages readers to challenge their limiting beliefs about wealth and embrace a mindset that welcomes abundance. By changing your thoughts and beliefs about money, you can attract more opportunities for financial success.

2. Take Action

The book stresses the significance of taking consistent and bold action towards your financial goals. Sincero emphasizes that wishing for money or simply visualizing wealth isn’t enough; you need to put in the effort and take proactive steps to create the life you desire. This involves stepping out of your comfort zone and seizing opportunities even when they seem challenging.

3. Overcome Fear

Sincero addresses the fears and insecurities that often hold people back from pursuing financial success. She encourages readers to confront their fears, acknowledge them, and move forward despite them. By embracing fear as a natural part of growth, you can break free from its limitations and make bolder financial decisions.

4. Value Yourself

The book emphasizes the importance of recognizing your self-worth and valuing your skills, talents, and contributions. Sincero encourages readers to avoid undervaluing themselves or their work, as this can lead to settling for less than they deserve. By acknowledging your own worth, you can confidently pursue opportunities that align with your financial goals.

5. Money and Spirituality

Sincero combines practical financial advice with spiritual concepts. She suggests that aligning your financial goals with your spiritual values can lead to a more fulfilling and successful financial journey. By cultivating a positive relationship with money and viewing it as a tool for personal growth and contribution, you can create a harmonious balance between your financial aspirations and your overall well-being.

In “You Are a Badass at Making Money,” Jen Sincero guides readers through a journey of self-discovery, mindset shifts, and actionable strategies to empower them to take control of their financial destiny. The book’s key points revolve around adopting a positive mindset, taking courageous action, overcoming fear, recognizing self-worth, and integrating money with spirituality for holistic success.

If you feel like you’re committed to living yours too but are not sure how to start, maybe this book will help you too.

You are a Badass Review: Manifesting Wealth with Jen Sincero

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  1. Hi Diva, I too am at a crossroads and needing that constant reminder – I create my own future and destiny. It’s scary and liberating at the same time. I appreciate this blog post a lot because it’s good to see another fellow Jamaican on the journey to breaking the mold. “Money enables us to live our best lives. Absolutely nothing is wrong with wanting to live our best lives” Loved this!

  2. Thank you Diva for sharing this blog post. I really appreciate it. I’ve always settled with the idea of having just enough money to be comfortable and/or get by in life. After reading your post, I have decided that I want to live my best possible life and start making changes pronto! All the very best to you on your journey.

    1. Hi Juii, I’m happy you stopped by and so happy the post inspired you! Thanks for entering the book giveaway

  3. I really appreciate this post because in challenges times, I become so blinded and think I am alone. It’s always refreshing and uplifting to be reminded that I am not. I really love your writing style and this nugget of wisdom resonated with me: “I start to yearn for that motivation to be the creator of my life’s path and not the reactor to the environment around me.”
    Right now I am out of a job and out of money, but I don’t want to do anything out of desparation, I want to create not react- even though this is where I am, I still want to make decisions that are for my greater good and not just to be ‘ok’ again. I have made decisions based on just to be ok and hence why I am here- lol. Like you, I have a problem finding motivational books that suits my style, based on how you talk about this book- I figure it will help me as well.