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So now that I’ve shared with you my wishlist, I want to share a few cool products that I think would make great gifts. What makes a gift a great gift? Well, I think it’s something that’s useful and right up the person’s alley. So if you know what the person is into generally but have no idea what they want specifically, these gifts will all add value to their lives. It’s the kind of gift that makes you go “hey, I didn’t even know I needed this but now that I have it, I use it everyday!” Yep! Some are cool little gadgets that are more wants than needs, something you’d really only have if someone gave it to you and wouldn’t really buy it yourself even though you now use it all the while and others are nifty little things that just generally make life easier. I love gifts that are useful and keep on giving. So here goes!

For the beauty fiend

The Artistry Light-Up Lip Gloss – A friend of mine whipped this thing out her purse the other day, flipped it over and used the mirror on the side of the bottle to get her plump and pucker on. I was like, where’d you get that?!?! Well, here it is and it comes in some beautiful shades! A girl can never have too many lip glosses so if you picked her up a couple of shades I guarantee she’ll be happy with this. 

The product junkie 

Going a step further for the beauty product junkie, how about a whole kit? I bet this is a line they’ve never heard of before and so they’ll be excited to try it. This is the Artistry essentials skin care system that comes in normal to dry or combination/oily skin. I ordered one for myself for combination to oily so look out for the review! Black soap was not cutting it anymore and I was impressed with the ingredients in these products so after being introduced to it and researching it online, I decided to give it a try.


The music lover

Everybody has a headphone line out now right? Beats by Dre are a stretch, how about these by the Marley brand? I have the Marley in-ear headphones and though I love them, they fall out all the while when I’m jogging so I’m actually thinking about getting me some of these. Do these overhead earphones make good for jogging or will they be too heavy? Me no know but me likey. Find them here amongst other gifts available on this great gift card!

For the jewelry and accessories gal 

I love a watch that doubles as a bracelet and there are several of them here. This particular one is only $65 and can be worn when I’m in my pearl earrings and necklace. Nice! Every girl loves pearls! It’s perfect for that girl you’re courting but don’t wanna spend an arm and a leg on yet or for females in your life that you’re not too close to but close enough that you wanna gift them this Christmas.

So let me divulge that these are all links to my personal online store. I do hope you won’t let that deter you, please shop with Irie! Here is the link to shop around and view all the different products. There are some great products there for your personal use as well but I won’t endorse anything until I’ve tried them all myself. 🙂 Here are a few products from our partner stores that I’m very interested in and are all sitting in my shopping cart waiting on me to get paid. You must register as a customer of my site to be able to view and purchase these products, so please register here. Sure, you could just go on over the the individual sites, but then how will you get my discount? 🙂

For the bag lady 

Who doesn’t love a great leather tote? This one is by Fossil and it comes in mustard, a variety of browns and black . Chic! It’s a great size and will last forever since it is genuine leather and does not cost an arm and a leg!

For the lunch packer

I have been searching high and low for bags like this here in Jamaica. This is perfect! It has pockets for you to put ice packs to keep your meals cool if you’re going on a long trip and it’s big enough to pack food in it for the entire day. Plus, I love compartments. I found some cute handbag looking lunch bags but I prefer function over fashion here. I could put my utensils, my condiments, my baggies of nuts and dried fruit, my little pack of wipes in the top compartment, my vitamins, maybe some simple first aid in the front compartment, you know some Advil, a few multi-vitamins, some band-aids and stick my juice/water bottle in the side. Perfect!

For the tool guy

I know, another bag! I swear there are other cool stuff there lol! But my pops keeps complaining that his tool bag is ripping apart, very subtle hints he gives. So, this looks like an option.

I’ll leave it there for now and drop the link once more so you can browse around and see if there’s anything you’re interested in! Thanks for reading and please! Share the link with your friends! If you register and want the precise links to the above products, let me know. Any questions while registering that you may have, my email is here. What was the most useful gift that you’ve ever received?


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