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The below directory started as contact information for all the designers that showed at the CFW 2011 show as seen in the Caribbean Fashion Week magazine issued at the event. It has since grown to include contact information for other designers discovered since then.

If the name of the line is a link, you may click through to see their feature on the blog. If you’d like to be included in the below directory, please use the contact page here. The contact page may also be used if you’d like to correct any of the details below.

Country Line Description Designer Contact Details
Jamaica Attitude Women’s wear


Ashley Martin 876-355-0615


Jamaica Biggy Urban Wear


Earl Turner 876-408-2720


Jamaica Drenna Luna Women’s Wear Arlene Martin 876-416-9112


Italy Everblazing Wo/men’s wear Milica Pesic


UK Gavin Douglas Women’s wear Gavin Douglas 07-838-213419


Jamaica Jae Jolly Women’s wear Janel Jolly 876-850-6177


Belize JahtaXtreme Wo/men’s wear Victor Caliz 973-647-8297



Jamaica Julan Women’s wear Julliette Dyke 876-840-4173


Jamaica Kokobeenz Wo/men’s wear Ann Marie Robinson 876-940-0088


USA Lisa Walton Women’s wear Lisa Walton 609-346-8227


Trinidad Meiling Women’s wear Meiling 868-627-6975



France Milkaya Laijah Women’s wear Milkaya Laijah +33-6-30-094641


Jamaica Minka Women’s wear


Gillian Francis 876-923-9348



Jamaica Mutamba Women’s wear Jackie Cohen





USA Shaco Women’s wear Sharon Cole 401-769-9194


Trinidad The Cloth Wo/men’s wear Robert Young 868-471-2041


Jamaica Mushroom Swimwear Brigid and Jason Lawson 876-926-5581


Haiti VeVe Women’s wear,


Phelicia Dell 509-3490-3223



Haiti Giovanna Menard Swimwear Giovanna Menard 509-3700-7008


USA Hope Wade Women’s wear Hope Wade


Guadeloupe Jam Women’s wear Nivelles 059-0946-243


Suriname Janoos Women’s wear Janelle Oosterling


Haiti Michel Chataigne Women’s wear,



Michel Chataigne 509-370-12231


Canada Pheline Women’s wear, plus size Ava Jones 647-965-2842


USA Sequoia Women’s wear,


Millie David 404-932-9092


Switzerland Spoerry 1866 Men’s wear Spoerry


Jamaica Shenna Carby Women’s wear Shenna Carby 876-299-9816


Jamaica Victoria Brown Women’s wear Victoria Brown 876-582-5892


Suriname Wilma Stomp Women’s wear Wilma Stomp 597-403-624


Trinidad Zadd & Eastman Women’s Wear Nigel Eastman

Ozman Khan




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