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I am on a journey of living my best life. On this blog, I share lots of DIY beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips for a positive, purposeful and uplifting life with an intention of inspiring others. I’m a natural hair gal living in Jamaica and a mom to a very opinionated almost tween girl. We’d love having you stick around with us on this path to a healthy, happy and more fashionable life. Please enjoy!


Giving thanks every day has a profound effect on the quality of our lives. I’ve developed a challenge to get you started on a daily gratitude practice, awakening your awareness to all the good things you have to be thankful for. When we focus on the good things in our life, we attract more good things.

Join me in this practice and see for yourself how awesome it is to live a life in constant gratitude. Watch the multiplying effect of gratitude as you begin to manifest a more abundant life. Read more about the challenge here or sign up below.

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I write about a whole lot of stuff. What can I say, I’m passionate about life. I thought it would be a good idea to segment it so you can go straight to what interests you or you can click below to see all my posts.

Swimwear Trends This Summer (2018)

Swimwear Trends This Summer (2018)

Summer is coming up! We need new swimsuits! Jamaica doesn't have any seasons really so with a beach never more than an hour away at most, we need to refresh our selection maybe more often than anybody else. Here's a quick rundown of current swimwear trends and...

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