How can you increase the visibility of your product or service? By using a blogger or relevant social media influencer to help you get the word out! As a long time blogger and marketing and communications pro, I offer to you my wide platform in a variety of different ways. How can I help? Here are a few of the ways, with links to past work done in each category:

  • I can come to your event, blog about it and post pics on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • I can review your product, giving my honest opinion of the product after I have used it. This is a popular choice because in the digital era that we now live in, reviews can make or break a sale. The review is often the starting point in the sale process as more and more people begin to research a solution to their needs online first, before selecting their choice.
  • I can give tutorials on creative ways to use your products, highlighting more uses for a product than traditional ones.
  • I can do a featured post tailored to your liking, if you have a rough outline of exactly how you’d like the post to be detailed. I will still write it in my own voice and taste but will hit all your talking points
  • I can add your video to my “Featured Videos” section of the site or place your ad in my sidebar or footer, linking it to your website
  • I can wear your design to one of the many fashion events on the local social scene

I’m sure we can think of a creative way to partner together, drop me a line at iriediva at gmail dot com!

Some images from Depositphotos