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Caribbean Fashion Week 2014: The View as a Patron

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Diamond Linton at CFW 2014

Caribbean Fashion Week may have kicked the bucket this year. If Pulse doesn’t go back to the drawing board to deliver something different at the next staging, I am calling this year as the time of death. By now, we’re all used to the delays, and by now, we’re all used to the set. Please Pulse, take us out of the stands next year and bring us to a venue a little more fashionable, a little more fabulous and a little more fun. Take us to a venue that makes us want to spend the money to come and see the designs and the entertainment, since you insist on charging an arm and a leg for the drink-inclusive experience. I believe your sponsors have spent enough for you to have a bar open to all your VIPs, as a member with media accreditation who had to purchase water, this is unacceptable. The numbers don’t lie, there were fewer designers this year, fewer booths and even fewer patrons. It took me a while to write my review as I was trying to be as diplomatic as possible but then I remembered that this is a blog. It’s my blog and this space is there I write how I feel and CFW 2014 left me feeling very blah. And that’s just it. The highlight of the whole event for me was Maxi Priest’s performance. I am impressed that he insisted on a band and loved it from start to finish. My only thoughts were “I wish he was on a proper stage so I could see him and he could give me a real performance” :/

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Social Atrocities inside Kingston on the Edge 2014

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Ever heard of or been to KOTE? That stands for Kingston on the Edge and is an urban art festival that happens every year in Kingston. If you’ve never been, don’t feel bad, I haven’t either but have always heard of it and with an interest in expanding my social circle and calendar I have decided that this year that will change. After watching the promotional video of Kingston on the Edge and seeing not one face that I recognised (except of course the ever-present artist LA Lewis -_-) I decided that this was a good move for me. Here’s a description of KOTE from their website:

Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is the brainchild of five friends (Beatriz Pozueta, Carolyn Lazarus, Enola Williams, Joaquin Portocarero and Omar Francis) who wanted to showcase Jamaican artists in a creative and free manner. The festival is a weeklong celebration of art and the artists who live and work in and/or are inspired by the city of Kingston, and has quickly become a much anticipated fixture on the local art calendar.

Providing a forum outside of the traditional spaces, the Festival allows the artists to express themselves and push the boundaries and definitions of their art and offers an opportunity for artists, venues and the general public to interact creatively, with a view to developing and harnessing the incredible artistic potential of Jamaica. We have found that this environment motivates and inspires the artist to experiment with their work, often leading to the birth of new and exciting movements in the local scene.

The festival features painting, sculpture, photography, film, poetry, dance, theatre, music, performance art, installations and anything else one can think of in the realm of artistic expression, and is the only one of its kind in the country.

Here’s the video that I watched that peaked my interest even more.

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Moon Hill Villa Responds to the Wayne Piper Incident

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Moon Hill Villa has responded to the scathing review by Wayne Piper, a patron who had a horrible, curse word riddled experience at their weekly “Pizza by Moonlight” event:


Dear Wayne Piper,
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New for Caribbean Fashion Week 2014

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It’s fashion season! Are you excited? In a few short days CFW will roll around and introduce us to the Caribbean trends that we’ll be keen on for the summer and Christmas seasons this year. I get excited every year as I plan outfits and meet up with all my favourite Jamaican fashionistas plus those who travel here only once a year to strut the runways. As more and more of us shop local designers, CFW has introduced a new element that I’m really excited about and hope it takes off!

Nell Robinson in Gavin Douglas

Nell Robinson in Gavin Douglas

A release from the CFW camp explains:

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Trident Hotel, Port Antonio: Boutique Luxury Fit for a Queen

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Queen Bey that is. When Beyonce touched down in Jamaica recently, there was only one choice for her and her sis’ secluded vacation. The Trident Hotel. It’s a small spot of lush and luxury on Port Antonio’s coastline that’s hosted many international names we’d recognise and many locals who need that ultimate getaway. We’ve all seen the infamous shot from the lobby area, now let’s take a more in depth look at the hotel.

The lobby at Trident Hotel


It is as breathtaking as you can imagine, plus a little more. Weddings are hosted here where the bridal party stands on plexi-glass in the infinity pool at the end. What looks like sheep grazing are little statues that have replaced the live peacocks that though were breathtaking themselves, would often be a nuisance to guests at lunch.

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Preparing for summer with a henna treatment

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Reshma Henna for hair

Time for a hair post! It’s been forever right? My hair has long left behind the TWA stage finally and I’ve been enjoying this medium length hair as it gives me different shapes depending on the treatment it gets. I still haven’t tried many other styles other than my wash and go and various pinup types but I’m vowing to try and perfect the twistout this summer! I may need to play around with some protective styling (ugh) to help with length retention. Speaking of summer, this is the season that many of us dabble in colour to brighten up our look and switch it up for the season of beach parties and BBQs. I’m not sure where the tradition of me applying to henna to my hair before I bleach it came about. Somewhere in my mind I think that the strengthening and conditioning properties of henna help to prepare the hair for the brutality of the bleach. For there isn’t any other way to get the colours I like without le bleach! What are these properties I speak of? Let’s look a little bit at why henna is so good for our hair. 

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The #ClipperRace stop in Jamaica

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The Clipper Race is a yacht race around the world that is like none other. All yachts are the same, they’ve been stripped down to bare bones and adventure-seekers PAY to be a part of this year-long race. Each boat is sponsored by a company or in our case by a destination and I along with a few other Jamaican bloggers was invited to set sail on the Jamaica Get All Right yacht with Skipper Stirling from England and his crew. Sounded like a fun adventure, who doesn’t love a nice little cruise out one the calm seas with a good cocktail in hand? HA! There’s sailing and then there’s Clipper sailing as I was about to find out.

Clipper Race

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