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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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7 ways to boost immune system

Many of the diseases and viruses currently on the rise have no specific cure and prevention is our best bet. These viruses attack our immune system and we have a better chance of surviving them or allowing them to pass quickly and with less severe symptoms if our immune system is strong and healthy. Here are seven ways to help keep your immune system at optimal levels from Dr. Oz, medical doctor and TV personality.

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Natural Mosquito Repellents and Remedies to Ease Chik V Symptoms

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The chikungunya virus is near epidemic levels in some Caribbean countries right now including Jamaica and is causing mass hysteria amongst those of us who know very little about the virus. Those who have had it report intense joint paints, high fevers, flu-like symptoms and rashes covering the skin. It appears to be going around in different strains as some who have had these symptoms have not had them as intensely. Members of my own family have had the fever, pain and rashes but nothing as decapitating as others have reported. Is it different strains of the virus or are some bodies able to resist and fight the virus better than others?


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It is Kingston Bridal Week Time!

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Date Change

It’s that time of year again for the biggest bridal show in Jamaica spanning multiple days of unique events catering solely to brides! And grooms…I guess… :) Last year you may recall that the team at Intuit Concepts brought Randy Fenoli out to Jamaica fresh from his Say Yes to the Dress and Randy Knows Best TV series on E! and that was muy exciting for me as I was appointed ambassador and media planner for the bridal star which was a whirlwind of a time! He is SO much fun! This year however there’s no big star as it’s all great to come out and meet an international superstar but let’s get real, as a bride you love the idea of all these vendors gathered in one place vying for your attention and your business and most of them will offer you great discounts and package deals if you book at the event. Score!

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Notchilous Tees: Getting Convos Started Since 2006

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Once upon a time I had a blog called Fashion Over Style where my main focus was giving shine to Jamaican fashion designers from all walks of life. Whether you had a t-shirt line or a high fashion line, it was on that blog. Notchilous Tees is one of the fashion lines that I featured back in the day and so I was muy muy pleased when I came across them while scrolling through my Instagram feed one day. Hooray for longevity! I had to reach out to Rachel and find out what was the latest with the brand. That story has been published on Loop, you can find the article here. I brought the story over on the blog because on Loop I shied away from some of my favourite T-shirt designs that Notchilous features.

benz punany

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IrieDiva for LoopJamaica: CDAI Jamaican-made leather sandals, Jamaican Green Smoothies, natural remedies for hyperpigmentation and more

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This week on LoopJamaica.com I continued revamping some of my old blogposts that have done really well here as well as a new interview with Téion Williams, owner of the brand C.D.A.I. which currently offers handmade leather sandals. He’s been a friend of mine for a while and I love what he’s done with this line of sandals. Check out the article here. The email address for the business is cdaibiz@gmail.com if you’d like to order some of these fine styles.

cdai-2 cdai-3

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IrieDiva for LoopJamaica: Etana, Ching Pow, Jason Williams and more

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Irie! I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve been added as a lifestyle contributor for LoopJamaica.com, adding freelance writer officially to my LinkedIn even though I’ve been doing it haphazardly for the past couple of years. Now it is a steady gig and I’m in love! I feel very Carrie Bradshaw-ish and can’t wait to leave my home-office, aka my bed, to go write all day long at my favourite cafe. Once I find a favourite. Writing for a publication as opposed to writing for my own blog is so very different. This first week while toeing the water I remixed some of my older posts that I felt could use some additional shine but on the blog I write so personally that I had to basically rework all the pieces I submitted. I know that I was offered a place on the team not for my ability to write like any old journalist but for the spark and flare that I bring to the table so it’s a delicate balance finding just the right level of Irie.

I never ever write on a Sunday but I feel like I will now. On a Sunday I will share with you the best of the posts I’ve submitted to Loop as not all of them will make it to the blog. Some of them will, like my Ching Pow piece, because there’s still so much to be said and I can do it without any limitations here! Ha, stay tuned for that one. But look forward to this new Sunday column where I share some great Sunday reading of my best over the week at Loop.IrieDiva and Jason Williams

This week I showed support for my cousin Jason Williams who many know as an entertainment journalist on CVM’s Onstage. He tried his hand at stand-up comedy and I was very proud. It’s very hard to make me laugh (stay tuned for the Ching Pow review I tell yah) but Jason’s brand of comedy will sit well with me. He will get better and better with time, I’m sure of it. Check out the article here.  

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OOTD: Wayne Marshall Tru Colours Album Showcase

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I attended the Wayne Marshall Tru Colours album showcase held recently at Triple Century Sports Bar where he gave us a few hits from his new album Tru Colours. This is not a review of the album but more of a style diary however I will say that I loved the energy on stage and the growth shown in his musical career over the years. As a long time fan of his music, I was well entertained. His 8 year old son Giomar who DJs on the hit Stupid Money showed great talent and if he continues in music as he grows he will be a superstar maybe even more than his dad. Tessanne and Agent Sasco also performed the remix to Everything Reminds Me of You from Tessanne’s album coming out of her “The Voice” win and I thoroughly enjoyed that performance as well. Love both artists. Can’t deny that dancehall veteran Bounty Killa also ripped the stage with a high energy performance of his feature on Wayne Marshall’s Go Hard. I love when Bounty does this kind of a performance, no long talking straight energy.

IrieDiva in Hakuna Matata tee and peplum skirt

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