21 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas to Stir Your Creativity

21 weekly bullet journal layouts to inspire your creativity. Simple bullet journal weekly spread #bulletjournalEver since I got into bullet journaling, I’ve been following more and more bullet journal Instagram and Pinterest accounts to stir my creativity.

My bullet journal is actually quite plain and very function over form but I’ve been finding it very relaxing and even inspiring to sit and lay out a spread for a period of time. It gives my mind something to engage in that’s creative instead of analytical and helps me be more mindful and present in the moment. Usually, your mind is racing with thought after thought and so I find this is one way to slow the onslaught of thoughts and just be. Self-care from every angle.

Today I’m sharing some of the accounts I’ve come across and focusing on weekly spreads since even though I love to sit and draw up my month-at-a-glance. Doing my bullet journal weekly spread as part of my Sunday self-care routine has become so satisfying.

If you haven’t yet started on your bullet journal journey, this is the journal I most recommend. The pages are already numbered, it comes with an index page and the pages are thick enough to withstand your penstroke or even watercolour paints if you’re an artsy creative.

This is also a good option for a better price. Since I’m not artsy at all, this stencil and coloured pen set helps me to express my creativity and where would I be without these cute stickers to bring joy to my journaling.

If you’re confused about how a planner can help you to achieve your goals and keep you organised then check out the linked post or check out this one for a free weekly planner printable.

Enjoy the below spreads that range from functional to artsy to whimsical to simple.

Inspiration for your Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


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