Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

Victoria is one of those places almost everyone spends time in when they visit London, but it’s a surprisingly underappreciated neighborhood to stay in. 

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Sure, it’s posh (to use the local parlance) and well-connected via multiple train lines. But uber-trendy globetrotters prefer more remote (and affordable) locales for their vintage shopping and natural wine bar-hopping. Tourist-y types tend to stick to the West End or Soho to not stray too far from Piccadilly Circus or the production they’re seeing on night one of their trip. There’s nothing wrong with any of these pursuits, but Victoria might offer the perfect combination of these. 

Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

Victoria Station makes it easy to reach from the airports or other cities, and Victoria Underground Station makes London your oyster in terms of easy commutes. There’s plenty to do in the area, and yet most of the neighborhoods feel like actual neighborhoods (upscale ones, at least). 

It might not top your list of places to stay in London, but Victoria should absolutely be considered when you’re planning a four or five-day trip to the capital. Here’s everything you need to know: 

There’s plenty to do near Victoria Station

Buckingham Palace

Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

The royal British family’s official London residence needs no introduction, and it may seem like an overly obvious attraction to hit while exploring London. But if you’re staying in Victoria, it only takes a few minutes to reach this opulent structure to either admire its façade and gardens or take a comprehensive tour of the handsome estate rooms and lavish ballrooms. Taking a stroll through the grounds is especially worthwhile during the summer as the Royals have imported stunning flowers and exotic plants to fill the gardens lining the paths and central lake. 

Eccleston Yards

If you’re hopping off the train, walk a few minutes to the Eccleston Place dining and entertainment complex to enjoy upscale dining and trendy boutiques set in a repurposed coach factory. 

Tate Britain

Tate Modern understandably gets all the headlines, and it probably should. But any art enthusiast worth their salt will make the track to Victoria to visit the older (and decidedly more traditional) of the two Tate institutions. 

Open in the late 19th century, Tate Britain offers a comprehensive presentation of over 500 years of British artistic excellence. With names like William Blake, William Hogarth, Thomas Gainsborough, and John Constable, representing the “old guard” and more recent works from contemporary artists like Lucian Freud, Barbara Hepworth, Gillian Ayres, Francis Bacon, and Henry Moore it’s a can’t miss attraction. 

Stretch your legs at St James’s Park

Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

Whether you just got off a pan-Atlantic flight or long-distance train, you’re going to want to get some steps in and enjoy this sprawling green space near Victoria Starion. With views of the skyline and Buckingham Palace, this park couldn’t be more scenic.

It has 57 acres of shaded pathways, gardens, and a dozen ponds, so you could do worse than St. James’s Park. There’s also the Princess Diana Memorial, in case you want to pay your respects. 

Get bougie at Shepherd Market:

Tucked away from the bustling streets of Victoria is this hidden piazza-style square lined with Victorian-era buildings filled with stylish boutiques, pubs, and restaurants. The atmosphere and scenery are spectacular, and the cultural offerings match the exquisite architecture. 

Victoria Station is easy to get to from the airport 

Depending on which airport you’re flying into, you’ll have a wide variety of options for reaching the city center. When possible, it will make sense to use public transportation as opposed to taxis because of traffic and costly cab rides. 

  • Heathrow Express: You can take the direct train from all Heathrow terminals to Paddington before transferring to the Bakerloo Line. Travel three stops on Bakerloo and transfer to the Victoria Line at Oxford Circus. From there, it’s a few stops before arriving at Victoria Underground Station. It sounds like a lot, but this method only takes an hour, even with transfers. 
  • Gatwick Express: The Gatwick Express offers a non-stop train service between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria Station that runs every 15 minutes. The journey takes about 30 minutes and a one-way ticket costs £18.50. 
Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

Getting around London from Victoria Station is simple

How to get to or from Victoria Station

The train station is situated in the Victoria area of Central London near Westminster. It’s interconnected with other parts of the city via Underground train lines and is a major hub for long-distance trains throughout Southern England. There are also bus connections, but these are rarely as useful as the tube. 

London Underground 

By far the most useful resource for tourists is the Underground “Tube” services of the London public transportation network. Victoria Station is well-connected on several of the most prominent lines, with the Victoria and Circle Lines being particularly useful for getting around to different tourist-friendly spots. 

  • Circle Line: Paddington Station (14 minutes), London Eye (13 minutes) 
  • Victoria Line: British Museum (20 minutes), Westminster Abbey (7 minutes), Charing Cross (30 minutes) Buckingham Palace (18 minutes)  
  • District Line: Tower of London (20 minutes), Tate Modern (18 minutes), Westminster Abbey (7 minutes) 
Stay near Victoria Station: London’s Well-Connected and Charming Neighborhood

It’s easy to find luggage storage near Victoria Station

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