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Every now and then I mention that I get my greens delivered to me each week and a few people always ask me for the hook-up, so I thought I’d share the information in one spot once and for all; especially since I have now come across other companies that deliver farm-fresh goods to you wherever you are in Jamaica!

This is one of my smaller deliveries from my original farm delivery, one clamshell of mixed greens and a pound of button mushrooms. How do these things work? All of them that I have come across thus far send out an email each week with what’s available, you make your order and voila! Farm fresh to your door!

Food Basket Delivery

Food Basket is my original delivery straight from the farm. The people from the now popular EITS Cafe own a farm, guesthouse and restaurant way up in the hills of the Blue Mountain which I’ve visited a couple of times. The food is spectacular as you would expect coming straight from the farm to your table! The restaurant has a Facebook page here, which though isn’t updated often, gives you a couple views of what they offer.

I always get their mixed greens clamshell from their Food Basket delivery service along with a selection of herbs, whether parsley, cilantro, black mint, french thyme, basil, chives, oregano etc. They also sell bananas, plantains, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, cho-cho, turnip, mushroom, radishes, carrots as well as herbed infused dressings, oils and butters.

They have incredible prices and variety! To sign up with Food Basket, simply send an email to to be added to their email list to get their weekly newsletter.

2018 update* Food Basket now delivers custom salads each week along with other goodies from their farm. Click here to see one of their newsletters sent out in April 2018.

Grierfield Farms

I have not utilised the services of Grierfield Farms as yet but their produce boxes on Facebook look so good! This farm is located in Moneague, St. Ann and also deliver their fresh goods islandwide. They grow and deliver produce such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, arugula, black mint, eggs, fruits and even chickens reared on their farm. Click here to see a recent newsletter from them to get an idea of produce available and prices.

EatFRESH Movement

This one isn’t about the greens and the yams, it’s what you eat them with!

Introducing the Eat FRESH line of products with an approach to food
that is founded on serving up good local FRESHness. This product line
features products that are based on delicious ingredients sourced
locally out of the abundance of the seasonal offerings of our island
nation Jamaica. Eat FRESH is bourne out of what we like to call
“seasons of abundance”.

Eat FRESH top offerings include FRESH Fish, Spicy Fruit Salsa and Fish
Ceviche. As advocates of a FRESH lifestyle, our FRESH Fish is never
frozen or dipped in chemicals. They are all sourced locally from
fishermen who have been trained in the practices of sustainable
fishing. We cut your FRESH fish into premium filet and steaks ready
for you to season and serve. We have also added a line that is pre
seasoned frozen FRESH line, great for grilling and kebabs featuring
mouth-watering flavours such as lemon pepper, asian rub, ginger
scallion, honey jerk and sorrel jerk BBQ  .

We like to call those who enjoy the Eat FRESH offerings our FRESH
Crew. The FRESH Crew receives news of our local FRESH catch via SMS,
email and Twitter blasts. They then reserve their orders (2 lb
minimum) for delivery ($200 fee). You too can subscribe for news of
our FRESH catch by emailing your preferred method to receive the news.

Snapper, Black Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Lobster and more from the EatFRESH crew! Email them at to get on the list and get your fish at your doorstep.

Farm Price Jamaica

This seems to be a farm or market delivery service instead of delivery from one farm. I’ve reached out to the operators for more info but until then, you can find them here.

Do you know of another similar service? Drop the info below! I’m all about healthy eating…conveniently!

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