Work From Home Wardrobe: What to Wear at Home All Day for Cute Comfort and Style

Are you going from your night PJs to your day PJs, rinse and repeat while staying at home? Do you find yourself scrambling to find something to wear 5 minutes before your boss asks to hop on a video call? No more friend. As a seasoned work from home vet, I want to bring you inside my closet to share my work from home wardrobe.

These are cute yet comfortable pieces that transition easily to a semi-corporate look if you need to get on a Zoom call or run out to the grocery store or just to open our door to grab your deliveries. I used to be all about the pajama life. In fact, I might be typing this in a stained t-shirt from one of my old boyfriends. Old habits die hard. But it’s time to uplevel to some very comfortable pieces that will have you looking smart but still feeling comfortable. These are the pieces you wear at home all day long.

Work From Home Wardrobe Staples

So welcome to my bedroom….er…I mean my corner office. This is my little slice of work from home space that I’ve carved out for myself and I must say for a modest space it’s pretty comfortable. My vision board is up there on the wall, though it’s empty right now. My whiteboard calendar is above my mini bookshelf that also holds my printer. In my drawers are various files, tech and makeup. This doubles as my vanity at night, hence the mirror and cup with makeup brushes that are just out of view in this photo.

Anyway, let’s talk about this dress. It’s cute, very comfortable and certainly doesn’t look like I just rolled out of bed. It’s something I can wear around the house all day and feel cute and casual in. It has pockets (YESSS!!!) and it’s very affordable. If I want to run out to the grocery store, I don’t feel the need to change. I’ll just slip out of these furry house slippers, of course. You can grab this dress here in a million colours including some very cute patterns.

Now in my industry, I rarely need to look much more corporate than just my spaghetti strap dress but if you do, just reach into the closet for a jacket or cardigan to take your simple house dress to the next level. I bought this jacket and black and blue over 5 years ago and they’re still my favorite go-to pieces to style a simple look. It’s a peplum jacket that’s fitted and perfect for hot girl corporate or date night. Here’s a date night look I slayed recently.

I bought it way back in 2018 and was just wearing it for the first time on Valentine’s Day. Back when outside was a thing. Sigh…back to work from home wardrobes.

Here’s another dress that has sleeves. This means no jacket or cardigan necessary if you’re pulled into a video call with your boss or a client. It also has pockets and is available in a wide variety of colours. If you’re like me, you have these types of dresses in lots of different colours because they just work. The best thing to pull on with some cute earrings, a long necklace and be out the door if you need to be or be cute in your house without feeling frumpy. Get this dress here.

Perhaps you’re not as big of a dress fan as I am. Here’s a top that goes a little beyond your standard white tee.

It’s still comfortable to wear around the house and you can simply pop on some jeans if you need to run out for any reason. It’s available in a bunch of colours here.

Here’s another variation on that top to give you a little pizzazz. These tops also make great yoga tops too. Don’t you love the multi-function? Go from home office to yoga mat in a jiffy.

If it’s cold where you are then perhaps you’ll like this cardigan and matching blouse option. It takes your hoodie up a notch so you can keep that air of professionalism about you while you tap away at your computer. Get the matching insert here. Both pieces are available in multiple colours.

If you’re a fan of print and tunics perhaps this one will be up your alley. I love these pieces as a little peekaboo sexiness for my man around the house while looking professional uptop. Heading out? Wear these with your favorite booty shorts for a casual look or over leggings for a more demure look. It’s available in a variety of different prints including florals and plaids if you’re into that.

Here’s another style of top I love. These chiffon blouses look pretty and professional to help you stay productive and chirpy while working from home. They also give you the ease of popping on some slacks or jeans if you need to head out. Get one in various patterns here.

Ok, things were getting too pretty and professional. I’m dialing it back to some cute graphic tees if your work from home lifestyle will allow for it. This tee from a fun Marvel collection is perfect for superhero fans to lounge…I mean work from home in. I’m eyeing the wonder woman and wakanda tees myself.

Here’s another fun tee that may be the highlight of your video call. Will it be all truth or pure irony when it comes to you? It’s available in a few fun colours.

Speaking of fun tees to own the video call on. This social distancing tee is perfect for the influencer who’s got an IG live coming up.

Of course you’ll need yoga pants to post your home workouts in. They work well under your pro looking blouses too if you need to jump on a call or open your door for deliveries. I have these and they are perfect for my morning jogs. I pop my phone in, face out so it doesn’t get too sweaty and listen to my favorite podcasts as I run. This has been the best way to start my day lately. Here’s a link to solid colour ones if you prefer.

Don’t sleep on these classic joggers. I have these in a few colours because they’re so comfortable to run errands in! I don’t typically wear them at home because I live in the furnace that is Jamaica but I reach for these on cold nights for sure.

Now you know I had to end with some cute fuzzy slippers because you don’t need pumps at home, duh! I love me some house slippers bruh. Get you some! Or some cute fuzzy socks.

What you wearing while lazing on the couch during quarantine and chill?

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