red dress what shoes

Red dress, what shoes? 5 Options for Different Occasions (My 39th Bday Outfit)

I’ve started a tradition it seems of wearing red dresses on my birthday. I innocently wore one in 2019, then ended up buying another in 2020 so decided to keep it going in 2021. So, red dress, what shoes???

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Red dress what shoe

Well, I’m an expert on this question now. In fact, this year I took pics in two different shoes while in my red dress. So if you find yourself asking what colour shoes to wear with a red dress, stick around for some great options.

Red dress, what shoes?

Red dress, what shoes? 5 Options for Different Occasions (My 39th Bday Outfit)

For my main outfit, I went with a strappy blocked-heel gold/rose-gold/cream-coloured sandal. I love these sandals because they’re so versatile and very easy to walk in thanks to the block heel. Here’s a similar pair that would work very well.

Red dress what shoes

What colour shoes to wear with a red dress?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal preference. Some people might think that black shoes are the best option, while others might prefer brown or nude shoes. Ultimately, it comes down to what looks best with the specific red dress in question.

Some red dresses are brighter and more vibrantly colored than others (see these prom dresses, for example). So, a darker shoe color might be a better option for those dresses. Conversely, if the red dress is more subdued, then a lighter shoe color might be a better choice. experimentation is key when trying to find the right shoe color to wear with a red dress!

The red dress can not only show the elegance of women but also highlight their unique charm. However, a red dress may sometimes look too monotonous, so how do you add some decorative elements to it?

fashion patches

You can wear Custom Patches. Custom patches are a very fashionable clothing accessory. A delicate patch can add a touch of fashion to your dress, highlight your unique personality, and make you the center of the spotlight.

Red Dress Gold Heels

red dress gold shoes

You might think that a red dress gold shoe pairing might not be the most flattering but it can be! Here, Emma Stone shows us how to pull this off with a pair of gold pumps similar to these.

red dress gold pumps

If the gold is too much for you, perhaps a sparkly gold pump will do the trick as seen here on Kendall Jenner.

Red Dress Nude Shoes

red dress nude pumps

The most common pairing for a red dress might be with a nude shoe. The red dress nude shoe combo is expected to elongate the leg and place the focus squarely on the leg or the dress itself so that you’re not focusing on accessories or any other distractions. It’s important here to find a nude that perfectly matches your skin tone to achieve this look. Here’s a light pair of nude pumps and a pair that will work if you have a darker skin tone.

Red Dress Red Heels

red dress red shoes

Can a red dress work with a pair of red heels? Absolutely! Complete the monochrome look with a red dress red shoe combo in strappy or pumps. Try low wedge sandals too if high heels aren’t comfortable for you.

red dress red pumps

The key here is to try and match the red closely with the color of the dress so it looks like an all-in-one look. Here’s a fabulous pair of fancy strappy Jessica Simpson red sandals for a night out in your red dress.

Red Dress Black Shoes

red dress black shoes

Black shoes are classic and can go with anything, yes even red. So if you’re not feeling very adventurous or don’t want to purchase a new pair of shoes for your red dress, feel free to go with your favorite black strappy sandals. I love these and these are very on-trend for 2022.

red dress with black sandals

Red Dress Silver Shoes

red dress with silver shoe

Finally, I recommend the red dress silver shoe pairing. This works especially well if you’re accessorizing with diamonds or silver-tine jewelry as shown here. These strappy minimalist silver sandals are the perfect pairing for any red dress.

Which is your favorite pairing?

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  1. When in doubt, wear red! Red is the most sexiest color that enhances your looks and make you feel sexy. In my opinion, combo of red and black never go out of fashion. pair a red dress with a classy black pumpy high heel and you are good to slay the party.