Valentine OOTD: Bodycon Dresses

So in a week’s time it will be Valentine’s Day. That means you will be bombarded with ads, cutesy IG pics and a ton load of bitterness from single women and petty men. But nevermind all that. For those of us happily celebrating the day with ourselves, our friends or our boo here’s a couple dresses in my closet that I’m finna wear out that may give you some inspiration.

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They are both body conscious dresses, meaning they bout to put your shape, every tuck and every roll, on blast. That’s a scary thought for those of us with insecurities over every bulge and pudge but hear me out here. This first one that I am wearing is an all over print. It’s a blessing to those of us who have a few things we’d like to conceal.


This particular one is actually a knee-length dress but I like to scrunge it up so it has a rouching effect. That’s actually how it looked on the site when I bought it and was muy disappointed that it didn’t come that way.


So I just did it myself. Paired here with my favourite pair of killer heels at the moment. You could also throw a blazer over this look depending on where you’re heading.


Here’s the dress pulled down to its original length. If I were to wear it at this length I think it definitely needs that added layer of a blazer or cardigan to give it a little something. Cute for dinner or you know, something more grown and less party-over-here.


Or not. It’s so flirty without. The other dress is a tiny little thing that those with pudges are gonna throw me over a bridge for but I mean…


It’s just so sexy. It has illusion sides to help those of us who lack waistlines and intricate details to fixate your eyes upwards to our beautiful faces (ok boobs) so you won’t be all focusing on my big ass belly poking out.


Sometimes we just gotta love our bodies and accept whatever its going through right now. Now for sure, that doesn’t mean you want to put it all on display but if you do find a dress that makes you FEEL sexy and you think you look good in it? Fck what everybody else thinks then. Strut on out girl.


You could pop on a good pair of spanks or you could take the cop out route and wear the dress as a top with a big poufy skirt. I’ve totally worn it like that before. But when you want to make a statement, you make a damn statement.

The only time I’ve ever been depressed about my belly is when I’m in a dressing room trying on clothes I have no business trying to squeeze into. It’s never stopped me from making friends, getting paid or even getting laid. So while I actively work to lose weight and be the aesthetic that I aspire to be, I’m not about to let it ruin my fun in the moment that I am in now. So think on these tips when you’re eyeing that bodycon dress next time. Patterns, fit and extra layers if needs be.

Do you wear bodycon dresses or do you shy away? And what are your plans for Vday? Spill! Allow this single gal to live vicariously through you.





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