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I’m hoping I’m very qualified to give advice on what to wear to a reggae concert. I’d be very ashamed if I wasn’t being that I am a native of the birthplace of reggae music. However, style is a very personal thing so I won’t feel too bad if our taste in styles are different. What I will give however, is a few tips on how to dress for a reggae concert here in Jamaica based on weather and the general terrain and environment of our outdoor spaces. That means this style guide will work for lots of summer festivals around the world too.

Athleisure: The Best Type of Reggae Party Attire

Longsleeve Jumpsuitfloral jumpsuit

Athletic jumpsuits and sets are really trendy right now and fit right in at a festival or dancehall party that’s gonna go all night long. You definitely want to stick to reggae concert attire that’s comfortable and stylish, keeping you warm and safe from bug bites.

This hoodie version with the deep zip front is sexy and playful, perfect for those looking for super simple reggae outfit ideas. Our concerts are normally held in a field somewhere with lots of grass. This means mosquitoes and all sorts of little things flying and jumping around.

No thanks. If you’re a flashier kinda gal, go for the floral jumpsuit. Florals are all the rage this summer and will help your reggae concert outfit to stand apart from the crowd.

ruffle tracksuitoff shoulder pants set

Two more options for comfortable reggae festival outfits because honey you want to be comfortable. This olive tracksuit comes in a variety of other colours and is cute to boot with the ruffle. The off shoulder pant set is even cuter with the ruffle and it has pockets too! This is also good dancehall attire for indoors with heels.

If you’re not convinced about wearing pants, perhaps some shorts. I’m keeping it in the theme of sets which are super trendy right now. Short shorts will never go out of style as a dancehall party outfit.

floral shorts setwhite shorts set

This floral short set is too cute. It gives me the look of a cute romper with the freedom to go to the bathroom easily when I need to. You’re about to dance all night long. You’re expected to buss a wine and work up a sweat. I like to be as comfortable as possible just in case I want to buss a head top or a dutty wine. 😉 With that said, let’s look at some good reggae night outfit shoes.

Shoe Choices for Your Reggae Fest Outfits

Again, I’m usually out for comfort in the shoe arena. I tend to wear boots to outdoor, grassy concert venues to cover up my feet from potential bug bits. I also just really love the look of boots over my jeans or leggings.

pink embellished sneakersmirror sneaker

Apparently embellished sneakers are currently trending and honestly…I’m here for it. These pink sneakers could get a feature in my closet. I’m also really feeling these silver mirror slip-on sneakers! Am I about to become a sneakerhead?

rose gold glitter sneakers

These are so cute! Rose gold glitter sneakers?!? Ok I’m done now, you get the point. I’m hoping I gave you some inspiration for what to wear to a concert or a reggae festival.



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