what to wear to a reggae concert

What to Wear to a Reggae Concert or Dancehall Stage Show

I’m hoping I’m very qualified to give advice on what to wear to a reggae concert. I’d be very ashamed if I wasn’t being that I am a native of the birthplace of reggae music. However, style is a very personal thing so I won’t feel too bad if our taste in outfit styles is different.

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What I will give, however, is a few tips on how to dress for a reggae concert here in Jamaica based on the weather and the general terrain and environment of our outdoor spaces. That means this style guide will work for lots of summer festivals around the world too.

What to Wear to a Reggae Concert

What to Wear to a Reggae Concert

Now, at a reggae concert, you want to be comfortable because there will be lots of dancing. You still want to be stylish and sexy because skin is always in when it comes to the dancehall.

The type of reggae is important. Is it a conscious reggae music type of concert with lots of Rastafarian culture in the mix? Or is it a concert headlined by Spice who will undoubtedly yell at you to “skin out yuh pum pum?” This will help to determine how you want to dress.

Athleisure: The Best Type of Reggae Party Attire

What to wear to a reggae party

When dancehall is involved in an outdoor concert-type setting, I like to be cute and comfortable. An athleisure set fits this bill perfectly. You can jazz it up or down with your accessories as you see fit. This yellow outfit is the perfect canvas for heels, wedges or sneakers, a cross-body bag, a blazer, varsity jacket or long cardigan if the weather requires and some cute shades.

You can also wear Lanyards, a must-have for concerts. Not only can they become fashionable accessories, but they are also very practical, easy to carry, and prevent loss. 

custom lanyards

You can customize the lanyard with your favorite pattern or material, or you can hang your phone or other items while watching a concert, freeing your hands and dancing freely to the music. 

If you are a fan of a singer, you can also print the singer’s name or iconic pattern on the lanyard to become a unique souvenir of the concert.

what to wear to a reggae party

Here’s a one-piece romper-type situation that’s another blank canvas that you can dress up or down as you see fit. You can get a short version here if you want to bear your legs. I generally like to keep my legs covered if I’m in grass but that’s just me.

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This shorts set is cute, comfortable, and casual while being sexy and tropical and it has pockets too! This is also good dancehall attire for indoors with heels.

Short shorts will never go out of style as a dancehall party outfit.

trendy short denim shorts

These shorts are cute, super short and very trendy. Get them here before they sell out.

short denim shorts

Here’s another pair of short shorts that would be perfect for a reggae concert.

Pair either pair of shorts with a crisp white shirt tied at the waist like this one for an easy look.

white button down
corset denim top

Or go full denim with a corset top like this one.

Raunchy Dancehall Outfit Ideas

Now if you want to go full dancehall and wear something a little risque, these would be my choices. This first dress is mesh and in a nude color so it will almost look like you’re wearing very little. This is for the girlies with the body right and tight! Get it here.

dancehall outfit idea

This little black dress ups the ante a bit with what’s basically a bikini top, long mesh sleeves and an asymmetrical waist skirt with a dangerous split. Get it here also in white.

Finally, we have this little mesh number here. It comes in three separate pieces, so for the modest, wear it as is. For the bold. leave the top out and wear sparkly pasties and a thong under the mesh dress. Get one in a handful of colors here.

Shoe Choices for Your Reggae Fest Outfits

Again, I’m usually out for comfort in the shoe arena. I tend to wear boots to outdoor, grassy concert venues to cover up my feet from potential bug bites. I also just really love the look of boots over my jeans or leggings. These Steve Madden boots add an extra flare perfect for a concert vibe.

Apparently, embellished sneakers are currently trending and honestly…I’m here for it. These glittery sneakers could get a feature in my closet. I’m also really feeling these hightops that also come in neon green if you’re into that. Am I about to become a sneakerhead?

You’ll need a really cute purse to complete your outfit at a reggae festival. I love me a good cross-body bag like this one so that my hands are free for raving.

So there you have it! My thoughts on what to wear to a reggae concert. See any cute looks that you like?

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