So if you’ve been checking out my new blog you know I’ve been on my weight loss journey trying to change my life and my body. At the end of this month I’ll be on the beach and I’ve been considering my swimwear options. I can’t tell the last time I was on a beach in only swimwear…I’ve mostly kept my coverup cute but I’ve been inspired by two bloggers who’ve stepped out of their comfort zones.

Gabifresh listens to her own beat…she doesn’t care what you think and I love that about her because she does it stylishly, it doesn’t look weird or hippie…it looks trendy and fabulous. 

Brave! I love it! She looks fabulous too. Can I pull it off? Afrobella, another blogger I admire a lot also took the swimsuit plunge recently…

It helps a lot to see “real women” in swimsuits and not the airbrushed women you see on websites because A hangup of mine that I always had was my stomach area. I always said to myself life would be so much easier if I did’t have a belly cus really I don’t need to be skinny I just want a flat belly…..oxymoron? Like if I could pay for surgery to cut it off and be done with it I probably would have but now that I have more to live for but myself I’ve ruled that out…

Look at chica working the hell out of that red swimsuit! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have such a flat tummy? How do they do that? I mean I’m sure that’s airbrushed but look at this chica…

Wow! I dunno her I reblogged it on my tumblr…but she is fiyah! And her tummy is so flat! LOL anyway I’m not obsessing over this anymore. I could never look like that anyway I have no hips or ass. Sooooooo at this party I’m going to, I will be taking on my own swimsuit challenge. I think. I’ma try!

I love these Monif C suits! The yellow would look great on me! Covered enough to not feel self-conscious and able to enjoy the party… $130 a pop I’ll ass though. My momma made me a swimsuit a couple years ago thats hanging onmy bedroom door. I’ma wear it…yes i’m is!!!

I think.


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