About two years ago I lost a bunch of weight and then I stopped doing everything I was doing and put most of it right on back. Nevermind all that though, while I’m here, I’m finding ways to compliment the body I have cause ain’t nobody got time to look frumpy no matter your size. Sometimes, when you find a silhouette that works for you, it’s a great idea to work with it and wear it in a bunch of different ways that are still basically all the same. For plus size women who manage to have a waistline defined somewhere there, crop tops with full skirts work great! Well, I’ve parleyed that look into everyday styles that I can wear casually and professionally. I’ve also decided that I would make a few of them since a gathered skirt is really so simple to make. I mean, I can make them in a couple hours.

IrieDiva DIY Gathered Waist Skirt IrieDiva Ankara Print Gathered Waist Skirt

These are the two skirts I’ve made so far and I’ve already worn them out in a variety of ways. The ethnic print gets rave reviews all the time, I so love the print. The next skirt I make will probably be the same African print theme. Here it is with a crop top

Full Skirt and crop top

If you’re a crafty person who loves jumping around a sewing machine then here’s the basic tutorial I followed to make the skirts. Her’s is very lightly gathered while mine has much more material because I love the fullness, but watch out for those breezes!

20150707_111429 20150723_110432

The long version which makes a beautiful maxi is next on my list. Are you feeling the skirts? Do you think you’ll try to make one?





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