Harambe by Cedella Marley at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015

Cedella Marley for Caribbean Fashion Week

Cedella Marley stole the show at Caribbean Fashion Week with her amazing Harambe collection, dedicated to her mother Rita Marley.

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Cedella Marley, daughter of the legendary Bob Marley, created the awesome fashion line called Harambe as a tribute to her mom. She’s all about celebrating her Jamaican roots and spreading good vibes through her trendy designs. With a nod to her mom’s iconic style, Cedella’s fashion line rocks cool patterns, vibrant colors, and a dash of that reggae spirit. It’s more than just clothes, it’s a groovy way to remember and honor her mom’s legacy.

Harambe by Cedella Marley at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015

Harambe by Cedella Marley for Caribbean Fashion Week

Cedella Marley, the creative force behind Harambe, is not just any designer – she’s the daughter of the reggae legend Bob Marley.

Harambe isn’t just a fashion line; it’s a vibrant tribute to Cedella’s mother and her iconic style. With her deep connection to her roots, Cedella uses Harambe as a canvas to channel the spirit of her mom’s legendary presence. The fashion line is a symphony of colors, patterns, and designs that pay homage to the reggae movement that her father championed.

Cedella’s commitment to her mother’s legacy shines through every piece. She captures the essence of her mom’s timeless style, infusing it with a modern twist that appeals to a new generation. The result? A collection that’s not only stylish but also carries a powerful message of love, unity, and cultural pride.

Cedella’s artistry and expertise shined as she revealed the intricate details of her designs. So, next time you rock a piece from Harambe, remember that you’re not just wearing clothing – you’re wearing a piece of history, a tribute to a legendary mother, and the creative brilliance of Cedella Marley herself.

It was African print perfection, everything my urban, ethnic, Caribbean, free-spirited heart desired. The video of the final walk is above. She surely brought the house down and her family was out in full force to support her. It was my pick for the star collection of the night.

Paradise Prints

Paradise Prints from St. Lucia is also at the top of my mind for me, her handpainted designs were everything.

Paradise Prints by Fiona Compton of St. Lucia at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015

How awesome is her dress?

Shout out to me as I was able to grant myself my wish of rocking all Jamaican-made designs to Caribbean Fashion Week. I didn’t quite make it to couture designers but me and my new favourite seamstress were able to pull together a couple of amazing looks. Have a look below and tell me if you like our designs!

IrieDiva at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015
IrieDiva at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015
IrieDiva and Jamaican Super Model Oraine Barrett at Caribbean Fashion Week
IrieDiva and Supermodel Orane Barrett

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