IrieDiva in Army Gear OOTD

OOTD: Army Gear

I got inspired by a skirt I saw on Pinterest recently. I thought to myself, “Oh this looks pretty simple, maybe I could make it” and so that I did. It didn’t come out ready-to-wear at all! I decided I wanted to try pockets and a high-low hemline and all kinda things I’ve never done before and went waaaay over my head. But hey, it looked good in the balcony shoot and that’s always a plus!

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IrieDiva in Army Gear OOTD


I loved the idea of using old jeans to make a waist band for the skirt, so I didn’t have to bother doing so myself. And yes, I lightened my hair for the summer! #BlondesHaveMoreFun




I’m in love! With the hair. Are you feeling the fit?

Drama with the selfie stick on my balcony. If you’re on my snapchat (My username is iriediva, add me!) then you would have seen the incredible breeze out today! I would normally plant my selfie stick down on the tripod but the wind would have torn it apart today! I’m not complaining though, it’s so welcomed in our summer heat! What are your summer plans? Will you be hitting the road?

More blonde hair, just because



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  1. Looking Great in your armywear and I have to commend you on the skirt. It sure looks store bought and you wear it so very well. The hair is everything!!!