Swimsuit trends for 2018

Summer Swimwear Trends

Are you following up on summer swimwear trends?

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We always need new swimsuits! I live in Jamaica where there aren’t any seasons really so with a beach never more than an hour or two away, we need to refresh our selection maybe more often.

Summer Swimwear Trends

I’ve covered most body types in this post so if you’re a slim gal, boxy gal, busty gal, girly gal or thick gal, you should be able to find a swimsuit you like to rock this summer.

Here’s a quick rundown of current summer swimwear trends and bikinis I’m loving.

If you’re a plus size gal there are definitely some options here for you or be sure to check out this post specifically on swimwear for plus size ladies.

Summer Swimwear for Plus Size Ladies

Summer Swimwear Trends

Let me start with something for my body type. It covers up areas that I want to be covered and even adds ruching to help conceal any tummy bulges. It also puts my boobs on high (hubba hubba) and cinches in at the high waist to help accentuate that seductive hourglass figure.

I also love how low the back is cut. If you’ve got a sexy back (and I’m loving mine right now) this one is for you as it’s cut lower than most one-piece swimsuits. This halter Cupshe one-piece comes in black and I love that for a sophisticated beach party look, you know the type where you’re not actually going in the water? It’s a perfect blank canvas for big jewelry, funky sunglasses and wild natural hair.

High Waist Bikinis for Summer

Another look I love for my body type is a high-waist bikini bottom which is so hot right now and SO perfect for me. I’d go with this basic black bottom so you can switch up the top a million different times. It also comes in a few print patterns so That helps conceal a tummy too.

Summer Swimwear Trends
Summer Swimwear Trends

Pair it with a sexy but supportive top like this one. It goes up to size 24 and is so cute with the bow in front.

Swimwear for Boyish Figures

Scalloped swimsuits add a girly touch to your figure to play up your femininity. I love this scalloped bikini and it comes in a variety of prints and colours.

Summer Swimwear Trends

Off Shoulder is still very hot right now and this cobalt off-shoulder one-piece swimsuit is gorgeous! Stylish and covered, my jam. It comes in a variety of prints and colors too.

Summer Swimwear Trends

Here’s completely off-shoulder swimsuit with a playful cutout as another option.

Summer Swimwear Trends

If you have a boyish figure then this bandeau bikini is perfect for you. It ties in the front to give shape and lift plus it’s a pushup to give more oomf to small boobs.

I love this Fringe Bikini for my boxy ladies too, it’s so girly and fun.

Summer Swimwear Trends

Swimsuits for Small Chests

For my barely-there ladies, it’s really all about the prints and laces this season. Off-shoulder styles also work for small chest ladies as it helps to take the focus away from the boobs. This off-shoulder bikini has sleeves which helps to frame your shape nicely and adds a lovely girly factor.

Summer Swimwear Trends

I find this halter style popping up more and more at my favorite stores. It also helps to accentuate your neck and tiny waist, taking away focus from the boobs. It comes highly-rated on Amazon and in a variety of prints.

Summer Swimwear Trends

This isn’t a swimsuit but looks absolutely dashing for lounging around the house when it gets a bit chilly. Pair with some thigh high socks for extra sexy, and warmth 😉 Get this onesie here.

Ribbed Plunging Romper

So that was my quick run-down of a few summer swimsuit trends! Did you see anything you liked? What direction are you going in for swimwear this summer? Lemme know!

Summer Swimwear Trends

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  1. I am very upset with you and this post! How could you show me that Calvin Klein swimsuit and allow me to fall in love with it without putting a warning up that it is made by Calvin? I love him and I think he loves me but he clearly does not understand the struggle that is being the pocket of a grad student.LOL

    I am all about the halter though. Haul up the girls and minimize the pouch 🙂