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Emancipation and Independence being days apart in Jamaica is a good thing for the revelling crowd who flock to our shoreline to turn up and celebrate either being Jamaican or simply being in Jamaica for a good time! If you know me, you know I love a good party and so I decided to partake in a little of the turnup. As with any beautiful venue, a photoshoot ensued:

Animal Print Caftan Dunn's River Falls

Yasss hunty. There’s not one picture I took that night where I’m not “serving face” or booty or something! LMAO! The party I attended was called Forever Beach. It’s the kickoff to the SPF Party-Weekend Lineup here in Jamaica and had a midnight bonfire “Come watch the sunrise with us” vibe. Things got going at about 1am and indeed went straight until the sun came up. It was held at the World Famous Dunn’s River Beach which made for an incredible venue, except the poor promoters scrambled to combat the rising of the tide just before the event started, giving them a smaller dance space than they had originally planned. No worries, after a few Patron shots and some Johnny Walker Black, no one cared.

Forever Beach SPF 2015

The cuisine by the celebrated Lorraine Fung was absolutely delectable and kept me from going face first into the sand on many the occasion. She had an Asian theme going on and I feasted on dim sum favourites all night long. At one point, the rain came down and so the music had to be turned off while the DJs scrambled to protect their equipment but the stellar DJs kept the crowd going with some wicked dancehall karaoke. We were all under enough influence to sign along until the music came back up.

At some point, my girl and I took to the falls and a full-fledged photoshoot ensued.

20150801_03094220150801_031030 20150801_031011

At the end of the night, floating lanterns were lit out at sea and as the sun rose, the beauty of our surroundings were revealed. It was a perfect morning, the perfect end to a fantastic event and I will happily go next year! Unfortunately there are no appropriate for airplay pictures from the daylight part of the event, you understand. How was your Independence weekend?


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