Irie’s Flirty Thirty

A few flicks from my weekend. I jacked Asafa Powell’s flirty thirty theme. His 30th birthday was on Friday the 23rd, one day before mine and he had a party to celebrate Friday night which I crashed, then he came to the club Saturday night as well so in my head we hung out all weekend long. If I saw him at the beach on Sunday I woulda been like o.O

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The birthday face. I attempted a mohawk and then changed my mind. I’m not a mohawk kinda girl… I also tried neon pink lips, wiped it off and went with tried and true. The neon lip trend is a little too baboonish for me and I feel like I would have to duck-face all night long but I bought the lippie so maybe with a different outfit I will try again to pull it off.

Lets start from Friday. Dinner at Saffron Indian Cuisine. I’ve never had authentic Indian food that I liked before so I was hoping it would be as good as everyone said. Indian food is too much sauce for me.

An array of tandoori meats. Or something. The white one was yummy!

Butter chicken, prawn masala, lamb something and garlic naan. The prawn was my fave followed closely by the butter chicken. Which is the red thing, doesn’t really look like butter anything huh. Tomato and onions played a huge part in a lot of the sauce descriptions on the menu. It is apparently very heavy in the butter chicken. I would eat here again, it was definitely yummy. My friend KJ wasn’t feeling it though, way too much sauce. It’s definitely something you either really like or really hate, quite peculiar fishing through all that sauce for the prawns.

The dinner dress:


I actually bought it that day, it was a steal! Stay tuned for where I got it in this coming Fitting-room Friday post! So yeah ended up at Asafa’s party throwing shots like I was Shaq. Friday was fun ^_^

Oh hey Michael Frater 😀

On the birthday night I had a dilemma as my dress was a little too close to my dinner dress so I had to park it and pull a switcheroo. I went with this, another dress I bought on Friday for a steal! Again, stay tuned!

Not as exciting as what I planned for my birthday dress but it got the job done. I’m not mad, it’s Christmas after-all, opportunities abound to wear it. I did get to wear my current favourite heels. You may remember them from this post. I LOVE them. And they’re so super comfortable! Oh yes, insert Asafa pic here…

His abs are something SERIOUS.

The weekend continued at the beach to detox and spend QT with my fam… munchkin and her cousin:

Too adorb. My birthday weekend was epic, epic! Can’t believe the next milestone is 40, what in the world is that?!?!??! That sounds so old! Thank goodness it’s ten years away O_O I have a lot to accomplish before then so let me go on and get to work. Thanks to these people for making my birthday so special…


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