21+ Food Delivery Services in Jamaica: Get Farm Fresh Produce, Restaurant Meals and Groceries Delivered

This post has been around since the days of me getting farm-fresh produce delivered to my door in Kingston weekly for my green smoothies. I’m overhauling this post to include several categories of Food Delivery Services in Jamaica since we’re living in times of work from home, homeschooling and generally just staying inside more than we ever have before.

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Grocery delivery has exploded in Jamaica with well-established companies ramping up produce delivery and lots of new players joining the scene. Some are more reliable than others. I will highlight those that I have personal experience with and those that I’ve discovered on the ‘gram so you’ll have one comprehensive list of Jamaican food delivery companies at your fingertips.

food delivery services in Jamaica

Farm Produce Delivery in Jamaica

So how does this all work? Well there are several models. Some offer a box or basket filled with a variety of produce for one price. They’re usually filled with common Jamaican seasonings, herbs, vegetables and ground provisions and maybe a fruit or two depending on what’s in season.

Others will offer you a la carte service, so you can pick and choose and customize your shopping list. Then they’ll package that for you and give you a final price upon delivery. Other than the benefit of your produce being delivered to your door, some of these services offer great farm prices since the middleman has been eliminated. With so many options, shop around and compare prices, variety of produce being offered and take note of delivery fees. Let’s get into some of the options.

A quick disclaimer… I’m not sure how many of these options will still be available when things calm down again and we settle into our new normal. Do your due diligence by checking to see if their Instagram pages are still active, have any customer complaints or big-ups and definitely call to verify before trying to make any kind of online orders.

Food Basket Delivery

Food Basket is my original delivery straight from the farm. The people from the now popular EITS Cafe own a farm, guesthouse and restaurant way up in the hills of the Blue Mountain which I’ve visited a couple of times. The food is spectacular as you would expect coming straight from the farm to your table! The restaurant has a Facebook page here, which though isn’t updated often, gives you a couple views of what they offer.

I always get their mixed greens clamshell from their Food Basket delivery service along with a selection of herbs, whether parsley, cilantro, black mint, french thyme, basil, chives, oregano etc. They also sell bananas, plantains, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, cho-cho, turnip, mushroom, radishes, carrots as well as herbed infused dressings, oils and butters.

They have incredible prices and variety! To sign up with Food Basket, simply send an email to foodbasketjamaica@gmail.com to be added to their email list to get their weekly newsletter.

2018 update* Food Basket now delivers custom salads each week along with other goodies from their farm. Click here to see one of their newsletters sent out in April 2018.

Not Jus a Salad

I believe this is a business that has successfully transformed from offering salads to now delivering produce to homes in Kingston and Portmore. They offer fruit, herbs and seasonings, a salad bundle and this ground provision bundle for weekly deliveries.

Icilda’s Farm

I’ve never used this service but they caught my eye as a farm that delivers in St. Catherine where I am now based. Most farm deliveries in Jamaica offer delivery to Kingston and Montego Bay only. Check out Icilda’s Farm to see where they’re located and ask any questions you may have about their produce and delivery.

Farm to Door Jamaica

Farm to Door Jamaica has a website that they ask you to visit to see what they can source for you along with their prices and fees.


FarmLinkr is a marketplace offering an online presence to Jamaican farmers to get their produce directly into the hands of consumers without setting up their own website. It would be wonderful if this were managed properly and really took off so that farmers can list their produce and customers can see varying prices and farm offerings.

Farmgate eMarket

The name Farmgate eMarket suggests that this is also a farmers marketplace but poking around the website didn’t do much to confirm this for me. It seems more of a company visiting a handful of suppliers to fulfil orders they receive. That works for me as well.

Banks Farm Fresh Produce

Another middle man based operation located in Montego Bay but offering islandwide deliveries.


And another one! Try Bartonbox home deliveries for fresh produce delivered to your door. This one I have received good reviews from a friend of mine so I can attest to their good service delivery and freshness of their produce.

From the Stalk

From the Stalk seems to be another restaurant and juice/smoothie bar that’s making the transition to a grocery delivery service.

The Crop Box

The Crop Box services the Montego Bay and St. Ann regions and I’m loving the variety of the produce they offer.

Specialty Deliveries

Let’s step away from farm produce now and dive into some other types of deliveries like meat, honey and seafood. Then I’ll offer recommendations for those who will go to Pricesmart or the supermarket in general for you so you can skip the hustle and outside exposure and get everything you could ever want delivered to your door.

MeatBox Ja

This page makes me drool every time I see their posts. The meat looks fresh and well trimmed up and the prices look good! I might have to start using MeatBoxJa for real for real but I believe they only deliver in Kingston. This service is offered via Chungs Catering Service and so they regularly have recipes on their page you can try as well.

Durmo’s Honey Delivery

Need honey delivered to your door? Well here you go!

Isabella’s Family Farm Egg Delivery

This farm has just started offering delivery it seems as their delivery service has made it to their IG stories but not yet in the main feed. I have used them though because my family can easily go through two flats of eggs per week. I love their prices and I certainly love getting my eggs straight to my door. My first delivery came with three extra eggs so now I’m a loyal customer.

Supermarket Home Deliveries

If you need to make a supermarket or Pricesmart run but would much rather someone else go through the crowds and the hassle for you, these companies will do just that.

Mailpac Local

Mailpac is a freight forwarding service that branched out into this home delivery service successfully. They get rave reviews from personal friends of mine who use their service. I would use them too if I were in Kingston. I find their St. Catherine service fee to be exorbitant but maybe I will consider them when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Island Mart

Island Mart offers virtual supermarket shopping and delivery experiences too. I’d visit their page and check out the reviews before making any decisions.


Now that’s my kinda delivery. QuickCart will do your supermarket shopping and deliver it to your home but they’ve also partnered up with other companies to do deliveries like beer and liquor. Fontana Pharmacy is a partner of theirs too so you’ll be able to pick up your OTC medicine, gift items, household supplies, hair products, makeup and more. QuickCart is from QuickPlate, a premier food delivery service in Jamaica. Let’s get into some of those options.

Food Delivery Services in Jamaica

If you’re looking for food from your favorite restaurants, this is your section. This is another area that’s blown up with service providers. Not all are created equal so I’m listing the best options here for you to try. These people take pride in their company and provide an overall great experience for their customers.


QuickPlate is the leader of the pack when it comes to a food delivery service in Kingston for me and they’ve recently expanded service to Portmore. They’ve partnered with a wide selection of restaurants, offer great customer service and their website is easy to navigate. I’ve been hearing calls for them to produce a mobile app though, we’ll see if that happens.

Pekkish Jamaica

Pekkish offers delivery in Kingston and Montego Bay and has some great deals and perks from their partners as well.

7Krave App

7Krave is a food delivery mobile app that has landed a deal with KFC Jamaica to finally bring KFC delivery to Kingston and St. Andrew. We’ve been craving this for quite some time, I hope this expands into more cities soon!

Cut Di Line

Cut Di Line is another one of the many food delivery services in Jamaica that receives great reviews.

Quick Chick Ja

Craving fried chicken? Apparently Quick Chick Ja can fill that craving for you. I came across this fried chicken delivery service while doing research for this post so I can’t attest to their quality of product or service delivery but hey, give them a try and see how the quick chicks compare.

Do you have any other recommendations for me? There are quite a few other food delivery services in Jamaica especially for restaurants but I wanted to keep that section tight, listing only those that I believe are reputable. If you have a glowing recommendation feel free to leave them in the comments so we can discover more!

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  1. It looks like you also have a pattypan squash there. . . I’ve never had the pleasure.
    This is a brilliant business idea! I hope it keeps spreading.

  2. Nique, I got so excited when you posted all the details for these delivery sites on your blog that I immediately emailed each in hopes that I’d at least get added to their mailing list for orders in the following week. I have yet to receive a response from any of them. Is there a specific format to follow? I asked to added to their mailing list, should I have said something else? *shrug*

    1. I think it’s because some of them are really a one man/woman show so it takes a while for them to get to all the emails. I did vex and a cuss to cause it took me a while to be added to Food Basket’s email list lol. I’m gonna forward them to you and then you can respond to the emails and I’m sure they’ll get that!

  3. Wow, information is knowledge. IrieDiva, Thank you , thank you, thank you. I accidentally came across your blog on a Fbook post, and was intrigued by the Green Smoothie is the business title, but you have harmed me with so much more than that. I too want to get back to a certain size, 30lbs is my goal, and your blog has truly inspired me. I’m buying my bullet today. Wow, what a motivation on this Sunday morning. Looking forward to my 3 month target…by the way, I’m definitely trying that oatmeal and banana recipe. Slap Weh.

    1. thank you so much for the kind words Natalee, so glad you’re inspired to join me on this journey! Welcome, looking forward to seeing you more around these parts 🙂

  4. Stumbled on my FB TL and Man I could just give you a big hug!.. THANK YOU! I am culinary student cant tell you how hard it is to find some of these herbs and vegetables not to mention expensive :\ … Emailed 3 of the business mentioned hope i get a response soon!

  5. Do you still get farm produce delivered? I came across your post searching for delivery in Mandeville, Manchester, without success so far. Are potosifarm still in buseiness? I’d be interested to know. Thanks

  6. fresh root market on instagram is really good, they are redoing their website now but ive tried their produce and its healthy and fresh and so cheap!
    love your blog!

  7. Have you tried Farmgate E-market? Their food is fresh and straight from the farms and their customer service is great. Always good quality and cheap items!