Spiral Set on Transitioning Natural Hair

Perm Rod Set on Transitioning Hair

Curly hairstyles are a great option when transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Maintaining them can be a little tricky but we’ll get to that. Last week I went to get a perm rod set on my transitioning hair for my birthday. My hairdresser put in the teeny tiny spiral rods and it came out way too small for my liking, almost like a straw set. I hate a straw set. See:

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perm rod

At night, I pinned it up to sleep. The plan was to stretch it a bit for the birthday dinner the following day.

Then I spent the entire next day running my fingers through the spirals separating and fluffing…it felt so great! This was a great use of my fingers since I have hand-in-hair syndrome. I ended up with this:

Perm Rod Set on Transitioning Hair

Perfect! I love it! Still not a big poufy curly fro but I was really feeling the curls. I’m still not a fan of a small spiral set. If I go back, I’ll definitely request bigger rods, but this hairstyle was alright. My hair was nice and soft, word to Maureen my hairdresser for the hookup. These perm rod set hairstyles can come out very stiff and crunchy but thanks to her I couldn’t keep my hands out of it the entire time.

How to Care for a Perm Rod on Natural Hair

Knots galore. I did nothing to help by always trying to separate the spirals, so I feel I lost a lot more hair than I needed to. If you do get this hairstyle, after the initial separation of curls, keep your fingers out of your hair! And of course, wear a satin bonnet over it at night to keep it soft and fresh. I love this one because it’s big enough to hold all my curls.

Anyone else out there transitioning? What are your go-to styles? Read about my transitioning frustrations here and some life-saving transitioning products I use.

Why is a perm rod set perfect for transitioning to natural hair?

A perm rod set is an ideal choice when transitioning to natural hair because it offers a range of benefits that cater to the unique needs of hair during this phase. As you transition from chemically treated hair to your natural texture, your hair undergoes a period of adjustment. During this time, you’ll be dealing with two different textures—your relaxed hair and your natural curls or waves. A perm rod set addresses these challenges effectively.

Perm rods are cylindrical rods made from various materials, such as foam or plastic, that come in different sizes to create a variety of curl patterns. Here’s why a perm rod set is perfect for transitioning hair:

  1. Uniform Style: Perm rod sets create uniform and defined curls or waves across your entire head. This helps to visually blend the two different textures, making the transition less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Minimal Heat Usage: Transitioning hair is often more fragile due to the presence of two different textures. Using heat-styling tools like flat irons or curling irons can cause further damage. Perm rod sets eliminate the need for excessive heat, reducing the risk of damage.
  3. Low Manipulation: Transitioning hair benefits from low manipulation techniques to avoid breakage and maintain growth. Perm rod sets require minimal manipulation once they are in place, allowing your hair to grow without unnecessary stress.
  4. Versatility: Perm rod sets can be customized to achieve various curl sizes, from tight coils to looser waves. This versatility lets you experiment with different looks and find the curl pattern that suits you best.
  5. Moisture Retention: Natural hair tends to be drier due to its structure, and transitioning hair can be even more prone to dryness. Perm rod sets encourage moisture retention as the curls are closely packed, reducing the exposure of individual strands to the environment.
  6. The Blend of Textures: As your natural hair grows out, a perm rod set helps blend the relaxed ends with your new growth, minimizing the stark contrast between the two textures.
  7. Less Breakage: The spiral shape of the curls formed by perm rods reduces friction between individual strands, leading to less breakage and tangling. This is crucial during the delicate transitioning phase.
  8. Encourages Healthy Practices: To achieve a successful perm rod set, you’ll likely follow a hair care routine that involves deep conditioning, detangling, and proper product application. These practices promote overall hair health.
  9. Boosts Confidence: The defined curls or waves achieved with a perm rod set can boost your confidence as you embrace your natural texture. It’s a step toward fully accepting and appreciating your hair’s uniqueness.

In conclusion, a perm rod set is an excellent choice for transitioning to natural hair due to its ability to create uniform curls, minimize damage, retain moisture, and blend different textures. It promotes healthy hair practices and helps you embrace your natural beauty during this transformative journey.

Perm Ron on Natural Hair

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  1. I think the spiral set looks nice. I notice many women looking for transitioning styles. It can be tough when your dealing with relaxed hair and natural hair. How long have you been transitioning?


  2. After reading this a couple days ago I decided to finally sit down and curl my hair. It took hours and looked fantastic… The only problem? It lasted an hour. Then went flat! Maybe I shouldn’t have washed it right before. But, I still have some curls in, and I will most likely do it again 🙂

    1. wow is your hair relaxed or natural? did you use a curling iron? styles like these done with a curling iron do tend to go flat very quickly, its best done with some spirals or straws under a hooded dryer. lets see what your next try looks like!