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So it’s been a few months now since I’ve been transitioning to natural hair. I’ve only got maybe two inches of new growth on my head and I’ve already become frustrated with styling my different textures and wanting to take the big chop plunge.

My plan is to wait a few more months when hopefully I’ll have enough hair on my head to style a bit without always having to wear an afro when I do go ahead and chop.

I’m trying to hold steadfast to that but it’s not always easy. I’ll tell you more in a bit but first

My favourite transitioning hairstyle

Five flat twists. After doing it 3 or 4 times now I have it down pat enough where I’m comfortable wearing it out the house if I need to go before my hair dries.

The lines are neat enough and so are the twists. This is what I hate about transitioning hair though, the inability to wash and go.

My hair takes a day and a half to dry, no two ways about it and I don’t have a hooded dryer anymore, my staple when I was relaxed. That means when I wash, I can’t pull it out til the next evening or so. That sucks.

The last time I flat-twisted in the morning hoping for a cute hairstyle by night, this is what it looked like:

It was cute enough heading out, but fell totally flat and frizzy on me by the time service was halfway through. (This was on NYE night and we went to church). That means that the whole week after, my hair has pretty much been in a bun.

Doing dry twists on relaxed hair doesn’t work, not for me anyhow, and I didn’t feel like washing again so soon. I can’t wait to become queen wash and go. Or at least have a dryer so when I feel to be cute I don’t have to wait two days for my hair to dry. 😐

But yes, I find that flat twists are my favourite style for transitioning to get the look I like best. I feel like this may stay with me even when I am fully natural. It’s just easy to do plus cuter on the eyes for nighttime company.

Who wants to be in bed with a crazy looking twisted bantu knot girl. 🙂

Speaking of which…Yesterday I found myself ambitious enough to wash my hair in the morning and leave the house with twists. I felt really silly as I always said I would never be the girl in “protective styles” outside of a dryer as I like to wear my hair out.

I know they say protective styles help to retain moisture and length and all that jazz but I plan to colour and wear my hair out a lot so me and my hair will have to find a good compromise.

But back to my crazy twists. Halfway through the day when they started to dry a bit and get fluffy, I started to kinda feel the style…it wasn’t as flat looking anymore as wet relaxed hair looks.

Five twists in my head, the two side ones are tied together in the back. I felt like a school girl. Its extremely weird for me to be out on the road in anything except hair out or hair in a ponytail or bun but bun-outs take waaaay too long to dry on their own and then it starts to smell funky :S I pulled them out and got this:

With a headband here…not bad, but I still prefer my flat twists as more of my hair gets caught in the twists thus more hair gets curled. 🙂

Anyway I am off to research cutting techniques on youtube as the ends really need a chopping before these splits run up to my roots and I’m feeling very DIY. Any tips for me?

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