Henna treatment on hair that was previously chemically coloured.

Henna Treatment For Hair: Preparing My Natural Hair For Colour

Reshma Henna for hair

Time for a hair post! Today is all about my henna treatment!

My hair has long left behind the TWA stage finally and I’ve been enjoying this medium length hair as it gives me different shapes depending on the treatment it gets. I still haven’t tried many other styles other than my wash and go and various pinup types but I’m vowing to try and perfect the twist out this summer!

Speaking of summer, this is the season that many of us dabble in colour to brighten up our look and switch it up for the season of beach parties and BBQs.

I’m not sure where the tradition of me applying to henna to my hair before I colour it came about. Somewhere in my mind, I think that the strengthening and conditioning properties of henna help to prepare the hair for the brutality of the bleach. There isn’t any other way to get the colours I like without bleach!

What are these properties I speak of? Let’s look a little bit at why henna is so good for our hair.

Henna is an all natural, plant-based powder that results in smoother, shinier hair because it is able to completely coat and fill in any rough spots on frayed cuticles. Many believe that this locks moisture out, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can still oil and condition your hair as needed.

Henna is also one of the safest and most natural ways to strengthen hair since it is able to penetrate the shaft and bond to the keratin in each strand. By doing this, it makes the hair thicker and less prone to breakage.

The above is from this article, you can read up more on the benefits of a henna treatment for hair.  

Will Henna Colour My Hair?

Henna will definitely colour your hair, even black hair. You may only be able to see the tint in the sunlight at first. Repeated applications of true henna develop a richer, deeper hair colour with each succeeding application.  Think of a teaspoonful of coffee in a white cup. It will look very light brown. Add 10 more teaspoonfuls and it looks like dark brown, fill the cup to the top and it looks like “black” coffee.

If you do it often then each application coats the last, changing the depth and bounce of the light wavelengths off your hair and giving the appearance of progressively deeper richer colour each time. If you only henna your hair once, it may lighten a few shades from its peak colour, but the henna’s essential colour will remain until it grows out and is cut off unless it is stripped out with a chemical process.

Reshma Henna Brand
Reshma Henna Brand Purchased from House of Spice in Marketplace on Constant Spring Road. Only costs around JM$400 and gives at least 6 applications.

Can I Colour My Hair After I Henna?

If you’re trying to colour your hair after a henna application, read this post, you’ll see my process of getting true red on my hair that was previously treated with henna. How permanently henna sticks to your strands can be viewed in this post when I used a lowly box colour to try and colour my hair after henna. HA! What a waste of money and time that was.

You really have to go strong if you want to break the henna bonds and I somehow have convinced myself that since I’m going to bleach my hair anyway, I may as well do it on my strongest possible hair.

You may also read reports that chemical colour after henna will damage your hair to a point of it falling off. This is so only if you purchase a henna that is mixed with chemical, to begin with. Only buy pure henna! It should have one ingredient or only be mixed with other natural ingredients such as amla, or coffee to change the colour of the henna application.

What Should I Mix In Henna For Hair?

I mix my henna with full-fat plain yogurt. This gives me a thick and rich consistency that remains creamy for the entire 4-6 hours that it is left in the hair and washes out easily without getting dried on and gritty. Easy is relative, you’ll have to really get in there to wash the henna out of your hair but it won’t be as difficult as if you mixed it with ACV or green tea as some do.

And always, always, always deep condition your hair right after to increase the conditioning effects. Any treatment that promises to strengthen the hair

9pike a protein treatment) is probably going to leave you feeling a little straw-like after. It won’t be very bad if you choose to mix with yogurt which can be very moisturizing, but, still.

henna mixed with yogurt

I didn’t say it was pretty bruh! These are some bowls that I’ve got cooking up for my next henna treatment already. Simply because I’ve never done back-to-back henna treatments before and I want to see what the colour will be like. There are three bowls here, one for my mama and yes one for munchkin too. I freeze the leftover bowl to use next time. Just leave it out to defrost naturally.

For the full how-to on applying henna to hair, see this post.

There have been reports that the weight of henna can weigh your hair down, essentially loosening one’s curl pattern. It doesn’t seem to affect those with a kinkier hair type but let’s see what it does on munchkin’s 4a/b type hair. I did have this problem the first time I applied henna but have not had it so much since then, maybe the brand? Maybe because my hair was virgin? No clue. Anyway enough chatter! I’m sure you’re dying to see what the outcome was like!

Henna Treatment For Hair Results

henna head
henna treatment for hair
henna and my deep conditioning treatment
henna on natural hair
Henna Treatment for hair that has been chemically coloured before
Henna Treatment for hair that has been chemically coloured before Deep conditioned and ready to hit the road

I love it! I’m in love with the depth of the reds and oranges and I’ve definitely scratched my colour itch that will hold me over for another month or so before I dabble in the bleach. You can peep my home-made deep conditioner in my hand in the 3rd pic. It works like a charm after a henna treatment.

What do you think? Have you tried henna? What have your results been like?

Henna treatment for hair that was previously coloured chemically. Henna is awesome on natural hair, see the benefits of henna and give this tutorial a try.

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  1. well i use henna to cover my grays, but never with yogurt..must try that..i have 4C hair and it does loosen my curl pattern which for me is a plus..lol..cause my curls are pretty tight…but even after a DC..my hair is always rock hard after….any suggestions?

    1. try it with the yogurt and let me know how it comes out. the application process might ease up on that. also, what r u using to DC? try my recipe and see if that helps (link in post)

  2. yes i will try with the yogurt and let you know cause i buy that exact brand at that exact place…i use a store bought DC Organics..Olive oil.sadly it doesn’t do much for me..i will try your recipe although i do find when i use Aloe Vera i do also get a hardness..so i dunno?…my hair is sad these days

    1. you could also try clarifying it with apple cider vinegar first to clear off residue. if aloe doesn’t work for hair simply omit it. there are lots of other moisturizing ingredients in the recipe 🙂