7 Cute Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair and Medium Length Hair

How else can you style your wash and go without much fuss? I’ve rounded up some gorgeous natural hair influencers from Instagram to show you some cute wash and go natural hairstyles for short natural hair. These naturalistas show you that your wash and go doesn’t have to be boring or look the same all the time. You can definitely switch your style up so stick around to learn how to style short natural hair after washing.

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Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles

My favorite way of styling my short wash and go is simply to add colour. I love to play around in colour and so far I’ve been blonde, pink and a very bright orange. I went blue and purple in my past big chop episodes but I’ve never done lilac and I’m needing it! Follow me on IG so you’ll see when that transformation happens.

Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles
Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles

Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you’ve not yet gotten your wash and go wash day routine down then check out my wash and go tips as a self-proclaimed wash and go queen.

Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles
Source: @krewkutz

Of course you can always keep your TWA (teeny weeny afro) fresh by shaving the sides and getting some fresh lines in the shaved parts. I did this after my last big chop. It’s guaranteed to turn heads if you’re able to get an appointment with a sharp barber who knows his or her stuff.

These are comb coils or finger coils and another great hairstyle for short natural hair. You can wear the style just like this for a couple of days then gently loosen out each coil for a defined coil-out style for a few more days.

I believe these are micro locs that have been curled to achieve this style. You can achieve this look with micro twists as well.

Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles
Source @uc_kals

Can you flat twist your hair? This lovely naturalista referred to a tutorial on her Youtube channel so go check it out as flat twisting your natural hair is a great protective style while you’re growing out your hair or under a wig if that’s your jam.

Here the Confident Naturalista shares two of her favorite wash and go hairstyles for short hair. The top is a palm coil hairstyle and the bottom is the coils fluffed out tied back with a bang left out at front.

Wash and Go Natural Hairstyles
Source @afrocan_

You know I love a bright colour! That’s one way to spice up your short natural hairstyle. Play around with it and have some fun before it grows out and gets too long to safely colour this brightly. Hair jewelry, colouful headwraps and other accessories are all great ways to accessorize your TWA and add some sass to your wash and go.

What’s your favorite way to style your wash and go? Tell me in the products and don’t forget to check out my wash n go routine if you’re still fishing for products and wash and go steps. While you’re at it, check out the best moisturizers for natural hair and find some new products to add to your stash.

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