30 Day Happiness Challenge

I feel like we all need something to escape the feeling of groundhog day and help us prepare for the world’s slow reopening. How about a 30 day happiness challenge?

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I’m all for finding ways to keep my vibrations high while building new habits. It takes 21 days, they say, to build a new habit (or is it 66?) There’s no better time to become a happier person than right now. The habit we’re building? Learning to find joy in the everyday monotony. Learning to find joy, no matter what.

All of us know someone that seems to be chirpy and happy despite dreary circumstances. I’m trying to be a little bit more like that person each day. I bet you also know someone who’s happy with very little material things. Like my neighborhood gardener who is absolutely a morning person, cheerily waving to everyone as he cuts grass at 7 am. I would love to cultivate that kind of joy in my life.

The sooner we learn to be happy in the present moment instead of believing that we have to have the big car, the dream house, and the loving partner first, then the quicker we’ll actually attract those things into our life. Just by being grateful for what we already have right now, we attract more things and circumstances to be grateful for.

Life is a journey, not a destination, and we deserve to be happy every step of the way, despite any challenge that we may face. So let’s celebrate the now. Let’s cultivate more happy moments in our life by choosing to be happier each day.

30 Day Happiness Challenge

I’m making this challenge as easy for you as possible. Notice that each item isn’t numbered but instead has a checkbox? Pick something and do it. Just do something every single day so you’ll have checked off everything by the end of 30 days.

You’re in charge of your life so if something doesn’t resonate with you, do something else that will make you happy. I’m a huge advocate of journaling so to make this journey even more impactful, I suggest you make a journal entry each night describing what you did that day to make yourself happy. Whether it was something from the happiness checklist or something you decided to do yourself.

In your journal entry, write out what you did, how you felt before the activity, and how you felt immediately after and then throughout the day. Check-in with yourself after each week. Is the happiness challenge working for you or do you think it has become a chore? If so, why do you feel that way and what do you feel could make you happier?

If you love to bullet journal, perhaps a 30 day spread will help you to keep on track.

Here are the activities I will be embarking on for my 30-day happiness challenge. Download a printable version of this checklist below if you’ll be embarking on your own similar journey and tag me on IG so I can follow along.

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21-day LOA challenge

Write in Your Journal

This is a suggested day 1 activity. Write your why in your journal. Why do you want to be happier? Why do you want to take this challenge? Why will you commit to showing up for yourself each day and what do you hope the outcome will be? Are you using this challenge to help you achieve a goal? Write it all out in your journal.

Enjoy a Cup of Herbal Tea

Take the time to lovingly prepare yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you must. Sip it slowly in a quiet place while visualizing your day and setting intentions to be happier today. Take your time. This is your self-care moment.

Make Your Bed

This may be a habit you want to cultivate daily, so it becomes second nature. There’s something about a freshly made bed each morning that makes you feel as if you’re starting the day off on the right foot. It’s your first win of the day. Now go on and conquer that to-do list.

Phone a Friend

We live in a society where texting has taken over and a phonecall is now something that causes anxiety for some. Maybe that’s because we’re not getting enough calls from loved ones anymore. The only people that call us are our boss, work colleagues, clients and bill collectors. Call someone you love today and catch up on old times. Share a few belly laughs and memories with your friend.

30 day happiness challenge

Dance to Your Favorite Song

Dancing always lifts my mood. Does it do the same for you? Turn up your favorite song and jam out in your bedroom, enjoying the moment and not thinking about anything else but the beat of the song. Dance like no one’s watching.

Go for a Walk

Going out either for a leisurely or brisk power walk in nature is one of the best ways to lift your spirit. There’s just something about being outside, soaking up the sunshine, listening to the birds chirping and seeing the bright colours of the trees and flowers around us to inspire joy. That’s why I have it as one way to quickly boost my mood when I’m having a rough day.


Meditating is definitely a great way to ease anxiety and bring about a sense of calm any time of day. I meditate in the mornings to set my intentions for my day. I also meditate in the middle of the day if I need to refocus, calm an anxious mind and get back to productivity and I may also meditate at the end of the day to drift into a calm and deep sleep with positive thoughts on my mind.

If you’re new to meditating, simply fire up Youtube and start with a guided meditation to help you.


You already know that exercising releases endorphins, that happy hormone that gives us a kick in our step. Exercise is also one of those things we know we need to do each day but put off oh so often. Whenever I get a workout in I feel so proud and accomplished. So start with a quick HIIT workout, go for a bike ride or jog around your block or simply do some jumping jacks in your living room to get your blood pumping. Here are some beginner fitness tips if you need them.


Do you know the best way to attract more things into your life to be grateful for? It’s to be grateful for what you already have. Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on what’s going wrong. Take a moment each day to write down and remind yourself of all the things going right in your life. Give thanks for the device you’re using to read this post right now, for the wonderful eyesight to see these words, and for the breath you’re taking right now. See why I think expressing gratitude is so important.

Light a Candle

There’s a reason that there’s a whole art and science behind aromatherapy. Your favorite scents really do affect your mood in different ways. Go ahead and light your favorite candle. Take a moment to simply watch the flame flickering and dancing for you. It’s trying to get your attention and inspire a smile. spend a few deep breaths appreciating the warm scent it emanates.

Put on Some Makeup

I haven’t worn makeup in forever. I stopped long before the pandemic hit and really only pop some lipstick on for the few night outs I enjoyed before all this. Now’s a great time to play in some makeup, whether you’re a beauty fanatic or like me, only indulging ever so often. Take out your favorite lipstick, try a new look, and snap some selfies.

Listen to a Podcast

I like to listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning up, doing dishes or when I’m outside going for a walk. The type I listen to depends on my mood. If I wanted to lift my mood, I would probably listen to The Read, one of my favorite pop culture podcasts with hosts that always inspire ugly guffaws whenever I tune in. OR I might listen to one of my persona development podcasts or manifestation podcasts to get some inspiration and a few tips on handling whatever challenge I am facing. Try it.

Watch a Classic Film

What’s your favorite childhood movie? Perhaps it would inspire a few smiles if you were to watch it again today? Maybe you could introduce it to your kids if you’re a parent? Or maybe you just want to take some time for yourself and watch one of your favorites that you haven’t seen in a while.

Cook a Healthy Meal

This pandemic has brought out the home cook in all of us. I wouldn’t be honest if I tried to say I was eating my best food ever. I’ve been making all the comfort food and cravings. Well, we’ve been at this for a while and the waistlines are spreading. Let’s do ourselves a favour and try to find a healthy meal or two that’s just as good as comfort food to add to our usual rotation. You’ll feel wonderful knowing you enjoyed your own cooking and did your body right.

Eat Some Chocolate

I know I just admitted to eating all the comfort food but we’re in the middle of a pandemic! It’s all about balance, cook yourself a healthy meal but allow yourself some grace to enjoy that piece of high-quality chocolate every now and then.

30 days of happiness challenge

Write a Poem or Draw

Writing is definitely one of the many ways I like to express myself. Sometimes, instead of a journal entry, you may want to get more creative and go with a poem, short story or drawing. You might even want to dabble in adult colouring. This has meditative qualities that can help you to center yourself and enjoy the present moment.

Go Outside

It’s been established that nature has a healing effect and so it should be no surprise to see it here multiple times and in multiple ways. This can be as simple as taking a drive by a coastline if you’re near one or through a scenic part of town. Stop somewhere, take your shoes off and ground yourself in nature. Take joy in the abundance of life and fresh air around you.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

A glass of wine is actually beneficial to your health when enjoyed sparingly. Open a good bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass and sip slowly. Enjoy the health benefits, the joy from the flavour, and the calming effects wine tends to have.

Pay Someone a Compliment

One of the best ways to invoke joy for yourself is by making someone else happy. Kindness sparks happiness so pay someone a genuine compliment today. As their smile brightens, so will yours and you will feel good that you’ve put a smile on someone else’s face.

Sleep In or Take a Nap

Have you been getting enough sleep lately? If not, why not treat yourself to a late morning or a lovely afternoon nap? Reset your mood and your day by giving yourself the grace to rest.

Buy a Meal for Someone

Here’s another way to increase your joy by spreading kindness. There are multiple ways to do this one too! You can pay for a meal with a friend, cover the bill for the next person in the drive-through line or buy a meal for someone requesting assistance on the road.

Listen to Your Favorite Song

Music is healing to the soul. As Bob Marley says, when the music hits, you feel no pain. Sometimes when I’m feeling less than 100 I find a playlist on Youtube or a streaming service and crank it up. There’s just something about music that stirs happiness in us.

Bake Cupcakes

I’ve been doing a lot of baking during quarantine and cupcakes are my favorite! They’re so cute and they help with portion control unless you gobble them all down at once. For a healthier version of something delicious, try my keto lime coconut cupcakes which were a total hit with the fam.

Get a Plan or a Bouquet

It seems everybody’s becoming a pet or plant mommy during stay-at-home orders and I fully plan on joining the wave. Nurture your green thumb with a house plant to bring some life and fresh air to your home or gift yourself a beautiful bouquet if gardening just isn’t your thing.

Clean Out Your Closet

Imagine that incredible feeling you get after spring cleaning, getting rid of the old so you can welcome the new. You can have that fresh, lightweight feeling anytime, just start by clearing out some clutter. If you’ve recently done your closet, do the pantry or the car or your purse. We’ve always got clutter somewhere that can be cleared.

Yep, kindness is on this list multiple times because it works. There’s no better feeling in the world than making life better for someone else. Choose a cause that’s dear to your heart. Check GoFundMe pages or other popular platforms and donate however small you can. Or perhaps donate your time. Help a friend to move or declutter or go down to your local soup kitchen and help out.

Read a Book

Reading is a form of self-care because we know how important it is to feed our mind and expand our knowledge but we take o very little time to get it done. Reclaim your time and try reading a chapter a day this week and see how far you get! Choose fiction or personal development books to stimulate your growth and happiness.

Take a Masterclass

Speaking of stimulating growth, how about taking an online class in your field of interest or career? Doing something to better yourself, whether a hobby or something that will help you to earn more income is definitely something you can do to put yourself first and put a smile on your face. Want to learn how to blog? Take my blogging masterclass here.

Do a Yoga Session

Yoga is something I do every now and then and just like exercise, it releases those feel-good endorphins, but without exerting myself too much. Don’t think because the movements are slow and deliberate that it’s easy! But it’s a great way to center yourself and enjoy doing something good for your body and mind. Look up a yoga class on Youtube or an app on your smartphone and go to town.

Dress Up

When was the last time you put on something pretty? I used to look forward to my Friday nights out with friends but in these pandemic times honey it’s just not happening. I’ve been living in what we Jamaicans called “yard clothes” for far too long. Dress up and go outside, snap some pictures for the gram and get playful! Don’t get discouraged if you’ve packed on pandemic weight like me, just pivot and maybe try my green smoothie challenge to get back into the swing of things.

30 Days of Happiness

And that’s it! You’ve completed 30 days of happiness. You’re more optimistic about the world now, you’re looking forward to the new normal, whatever that may be and you’ve developed a new lifestyle habit to cultivate gratitude and happiness daily.

I really hope you’ll stick to this challenge and it helps you to put a little pep in your step. If you decide to challenge yourself to 30 days of happiness please tag me on Instagram so I can follow along and share in your journey.

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