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Manifestation and Law of Attraction – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between manifestation and Law of Attraction? Is there any difference really or can I use the two interchangeably?

There’s a very explicit difference and it’s important to understand the nuances of this difference so you can know how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

Contrary to what you may believe, the Law of Attraction is not magic, woo-woo, or any kind of trickery. It is not some kind of complicated ritual, and it does not require you to use spells or join a cult. It’s a Universal Law that works without interference, similar to the Law of Gravity.

Based on the principles that control the Universe, the Law of Attraction is actually at work in your life right now.

Learning to connect with it and use it intentionally can enable you to control your life and realize your goals and life-long dreams.

But what is the Law of Attraction? And why does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this principle to understand if it is a viable option for you to transform your life into what you want.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

The most basic definition for the Law of Attraction is that you will attract whatever you focus on into your life. Your attention, focus, and energy will dictate what is guided to you from the Universe. Whether you are doing it intentionally or not, the Law of Attraction is always in place. Learning to transform your thoughts, then, can change what you attract into your life.

Within the Universe, like attracts like. Vibrations in matter are automatically attracted to and resonate with similar vibrations in other objects. The same is true of people. When you are negative, you draw negative energy toward you and are more likely to experience more negative events. When you are positive, the opposite is true.

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How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The principles of the Law of Attraction can be explained in many ways. If you look at how the mind operates, you can clearly see connections and correlations to its central tenets of like attracts like. Here’s an example.

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and feel happy to be alive and grateful for the day ahead. As you begin your day, you focus on your goals for the day, and you say a quiet thanks for the people and resources in your life that you have to help you realize these objectives. Because your mind is already thinking about what you want in a positive way, you filter the world and everyone in it in a specific way. You see people, places, and circumstances as possible opportunities to help you realize your goals. Your brain looks at everything it sees and hears and says, “well, since we are focused on this important mission, let’s see which of these is relevant and only send that input into the conscious mind,”

Because of this filtering, you come across chances to make your goals come true. You meet people who can help you in your dream. You become aware of possibilities that you did not know about before. You can then act on more conditions and factors that will enable you to have success and to accomplish your objectives. You attracted your goal with your mind.

You can attract what you want because you are telling your mind to pay attention, to focus, and to look for certain things. And you are sending out positive vibrations to the Universe and other people that will help them to help you.

So, you see, the Law of Attraction is not magic. It is simply tuning your emotions and thinking into the positive waves that will help you to realize your goals. It is teaching your mind to pay attention to things that will help you achieve your goals. And it is intentionally setting the purpose for each day. And through these principles, you can learn to control your life and use the Law of Attraction to realize whatever it is you want in this world.

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The Difference between Manifestation and Law of Attraction

We’ve discussed that the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like. Manifestation is the doing of that. It’s almost as if one is a noun and one is a verb.

The Law of Attraction works regardless of whether you harness its power or not. Your thoughts attract your circumstances in life. We could debate that from now til we’re blue but that’s just what is.

Manifestation is you knowing that your thoughts attract things and harnessing that power, purposefully. To manifest is to create using your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

To create what? Anything you desire.

If you want to succeed and live your dreams, you can use the Law of Attraction to help manifest your desires.

The Principles of The Law of Attraction

Now we know that the Law of Attraction is a powerful force in the Universe that is already working, but you may not be tapped into it so that it can benefit your life. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we put out into the world, but you must understand and use its critical principles if you want this Law of the Universe to work for you.

1. Like attracts like.

The Universe is filled with matter that contains energy. This energy causes vibrations, and when objects or people have the same waves, they are drawn to each other. Matter attracts whatever is on its same wavelength.

Our feelings cause us to vibrate differently, so when you are experiencing an emotion, others who are feeling similarly will be drawn to you. Misery loves company.

Our thoughts can control our feelings, too. So, negative thoughts lead to negative feelings, which lead to adverse actions, leading to negative people being attracted to us. The same is true for positive emotions and thoughts.

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2. Your mindset controls everything else.

When you have a positive outlook, it affects your emotions, your choices, how you see the world, how you perceive others, and your actions. The same is true for a negative mindset. That means that, if you want to attract your dreams and bring more positive outcomes into your life, you must start with your mindset. Learning to think positively is crucial for attracting whatever you want in your life.

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3. You have the power to change your life.

The Law of Attraction is at work all the time, whether you choose to harness it or not. When you decide that you are ready to create your reality deliberately and intentionally, you can start to harness this power to accomplish whatever you set out to do in your life.

4. You must conceptualize and ask for what you want.

For the Law of Attraction to work, the Universe needs to know what you most desire. This requires you to imagine what you want in as much detail as possible. Creating a mental or physical picture of your goal is helpful. What is most important is that you imagine how accomplishing this goal will make you feel. What will it mean for your goals and values? Why is this important to you? This visualization can help guide your work toward manifesting your reality.

5. All your choices have consequences.

The Law of Attraction is founded on the principles of cause and effect, that all actions have a reaction somewhere and at some time. Because of this, every choice you make, every emotion you express, every reaction you have to another person or life circumstance influences your life.

Because of this, you need to focus all your effort on making every choice, action, and response as positive as possible if you want the Law of Attraction to work favorably for you. Every decision matters; every action counts.

6. Giving is crucial.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you want the Universe to provide for you, then you must be willing to give, as well. The more you are ready to give, the more you are likely to receive. Those who give of themselves to benefit others are sending out positive vibrations that help guide the Universe to them. When you give, your mindset is open to receiving, which enables you to accept the gifts and opportunities that are provided to you.

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How to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively

You are creating your future with every thought you have. Are you using the Law of Attraction effectively? If your spirit and mind are clouded with negative emotions and thoughts, the Law of Attraction can’t grant you the best blessings.

The Law of Attraction is always working, even when you are upset, unfocussed, and full of negative energy. To use the Law of Attraction effectively, you need to calm your mind and stop self-limiting thoughts. Your spirit needs full belief in your worthiness and path.

Your vibrational energy, or whether you are sending out positive or negative emotions, needs to match your desires to create a useful intention. Because the Law of Attraction brings like to like, your vibrational energy will affect your blessings, whether good or bad.

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Using the Law of Attraction effectively requires that you:
• Clear your mind
• Ask for what you want, not what you don’t want
• Believe and act

Clearing Your Mind

Self-limiting thoughts seep into your mind consciously and unconsciously. At your lowest, you may think you don’t deserve the Universe’s blessings. Even when you feel you are prepared to accept a blessing; your unconscious mind may sabotage your success by quietly telling you that you aren’t worthy or that your blessing won’t be enough. To stop these self-limiting thoughts, you need to clear your mind before making an intention.

Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind. Create a quiet, sacred space where you can relax and focus. Look inside yourself and acknowledge that you have negative thoughts. Let your negative thoughts exist, then move past them and make room for the positive thoughts of full abundance.

Meditation helps you to focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of what the Universe holds and your place in it. It clears away negative and self-limiting thoughts and prepares you to open your spirit.

Ask for What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

When your mind is calm and clear, you can now turn to your spirit for direction. What are your deepest desires? What do you need the Universe to gift you? Because the Law of Attraction brings like to like, your spirit needs to be open and honest to bring you fulfillment.

As an example, consider that you are manifesting your desire for a raise at work. If your mind is clouded by self-limiting thoughts, your spirit won’t be open to your fulfillment. When you visualize a larger paycheck, if you are also visualizing your fears, your blessing will not be complete.

Fear of becoming selfish or arrogant when you have more money, fear that you will have to work too hard for your raise, or fear of your raise not being enough will taint your request and limit your blessing. The Law of Attraction doesn’t stop only with positive requests. If your request is full of negative factors, the Law of Attraction will bring those too.

Believe and Act

Manifestation embodies your desires. If you don’t believe you have a blessing, the Law of Attraction will not bring your desires to you. Worrying that your request won’t be fulfilled, being impatient for the Universe to help you, and fearing that your needs are too high brings only limited blessings.

If you don’t believe in your power, you will not use the Law of Attraction effectively to grant your true desires.
The Law of Attraction doesn’t reflect only belief. It also brings like to action. Now that you have made your intention and manifested it to the Universe, how will you behave? If you act like your blessing isn’t yours, the Law of Attraction can’t bring it to you.

Live your life knowing the blessing you desire is yours. Treat yourself and other people the way you would if you were blessed because you are. Don’t hide your intention with thoughts of tomorrow, someday, or maybe in the future. Act now to receive the full benefit of your desires fulfilled.

The Law of Attraction will bring whatever you manifest into being. Effectively using the Law of Attraction requires that you have a clear and calm mind and an open spirit to ask for what you truly want. When you release your intention to the Universe, believe in your blessing and act accordingly. Effective use of the Law of Attraction allows the Universe to grant your deepest desires.

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