How to Manifest Something Quickly

How to Manifest Something Within a Week

When it comes to manifestation, you will eventually learn that time is a social construct. The truth is that there is only now. But that’s something that might blow your mind as even I am still in the process of believing and accepting this principle so let’s simplify things.

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It is possible to manifest something overnight, but your faith and beliefs are holding you back. So let’s start with how to manifest something within a week.

The first step to manifesting something quickly is aligning how you think and how you feel with the vibration of your desire. I don’t mean how you think or how you feel on the surface level, I mean how you think and feel deep down at your soul level. The reason why this is important is that when you align your thinking with the vibration of what you desire, it will be almost like setting up a projector to project exactly what you want into your reality.

How to Manifest Something Within a Week

What does it mean to manifest something?

To manifest something means to bring it into existence, but the first step is comprehending what you want to bring into your reality. This can be tough because a lot of people have no real clue what they want out of life. We think in terms of material possessions but we rarely take the time to go deeper than that.

So how to know what you want?

One way is to write down your desires. Make a list of all the things that you would like to have in your life. This can be anything. This could mean that you are only five years old and you desire a toy for Christmas, or it could mean that you’re 50 years old and you desire a Ferrari. Write down all of the things that would bring you joy, peace, love and abundance. This will be your master list. Eventually, you will run out of material possessions and start to get to the meat of the matter, discovering what it is you truly desire out of this lifetime, so keep writing!

When your subconscious mind hears its desires come out of your mouth or written in front of you it opens up a new pathway to bring those desires into manifestation through the power of the law of attraction.

How to Manifest Something Within a Week

Here’s how to manifest something in a week

Let’s get into manifesting something specific. Something that you know you want and you want it rather quickly.

The one thing that can make or break your manifestation is how much effort, attention and energy you put into it. Manifestation requires diligence, consistency and focus.

In order to manifest something in a week, you want to keep your vibration as high as possible at all times. Your subconscious mind absorbs all influences so if you are singing along with songs like “I’m rich and I’m hot stuff” while blasting it out of your car stereo, you’re going to attract those types of things. On the other hand, if you’re blasting songs like “poor me, I’m so poor and life sucks” your subconscious mind will attract more things that make you feel that way.

I give these examples to show you that if you want to manifest something in a week, every little detail counts. All your focus and energy need to be kept in high vibration throughout this week.

If you want to manifest something in a week here are a few tips:

Have fun while manifesting! Take my 21-Day Law of Attraction Manifestation Challenge: #ManifestWithMo and manifest something you desire in three weeks! I’ve lovingly put together this challenge for you using the tools that work for me time and time again. Check it out here!

21-day LOA challenge

1) Think only thoughts of what it is that you want throughout the day.

Think only on what you want, not what you don’t want. Feel only feelings of joy, happiness and abundance throughout the day. When something pops up that tries to lower your vibration, take a few moments to get back into alignment. This could look like going for a walk, taking a few moments in a quiet area to meditate, listening to your manifestation song or calling a loved one to rant and get if off your chest so you can go back to being high vibe.

2) Choose your words carefully when talking during the week.

Listen carefully to your self-talk. Are you saying words that are aligned with what you want?  Do you catch yourself saying negative phrases like “I’m so bad with my diet” or “I’ll never be a millionaire”? These statements lower your vibration and won’t help you achieve the desired outcome.

Never allow fear-based thoughts to enter your mind throughout the week when thinking about what it is that you desire. Fear-based thoughts are from your lower self. You want to keep the vibration high at all times so steer clear of fear-based thoughts and instead focus on whatever it is that you desire. Whenever they pop up, address them with positive self-talk and refocus your attention back on what it is that you are wanting.

How to Manifest Something Within a Week

3) Use affirmations and gratitude to keep your vibration high.

Throughout the day I would look at my list or photo of what it is that I desire and would start a positive mantra in my mind. This helps to keep your vibration high throughout the entire day.  Here are some examples:

a) At work: “I work for me, myself and I, making $x,xxx.xx per year.”

b) After work: “I make $x,xxx.xx per year and I enjoy working for myself.”

c) Going to the grocery store: “I spend my hard-earned money on me.”  (There’s that negative self-talk creeping in there! Why does it have to be hard-earned? How could you rephrase this?)

d) At your dinner table: “Thanks mom/babe/waiter, this is delicious! I am grateful because it makes me feel good and I appreciate how you are taking care of me.” (Showing gratitude is an excellent way of keeping your vibration high)

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4) Write down what it is that you desire in a journal every night.

This helps you to stay focused every day as well as keeping the vibration high. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind and it operates 24/7 so if you keep reminding yourself of what it is that you desire, I guarantee you that your subconscious mind will bring it into your life, whether in this week or 10 years from now. Try the 555 manifestation method to help you with this or my favourite manifesting journal.

5) Actions and words matter more than you think they do.

It’s not just about saying it to yourself; your actions need to correspond with what you want as well. Take part in activities that will help you get closer to achieving the desired outcome, even if it doesn’t make sense logically. For example:

a) If you want to be a famous photographer, go to the park then take pictures of every single person that passes by. Take lots of pictures and ask them all if they would like copies. You should have no problem getting your work out there this week because you’ve been taking photos all day long!

b) If you want to manifest $10,000 per month, then instead of going to your usual part-time job this week why not go out and find a full-time job or start researching business ideas for yourself? This way you will put yourself in the right place at the right time to get hired or start a business. You never know what your networking and research might lead to!

c) If you want to sleep in a mansion, then rent one for the weekend and ask your friends to spend their nights with you. You’ve already manifested having the house as well as company over and thus will be experiencing the feeling of sleeping in a mansion!

6) Align with what you want by visualizing on it for at least ten minutes every morning and evening.

How to Manifest Something Within a Week

This is a powerful technique in order to manifest something. In this week, spend every morning visualizing yourself already having achieved what it is that you desire and visualize it each night before bed as well.

The law of attraction is always working whether we realise it or not. For this reason it is important to keep the vibration high so that whatever it is that you desire will be attracted into your life this week.

If you do not have any experiences in manifesting your desires, then go to step one and work through all of the steps until you feel comfortable with them. If, however, you already have some experience then feel free to only utilise the tools you love and do that for the entire week. Not all tools are necessary, they’re only there to help you find the manifestation tool that most clicks with you. With regular practice your manifesting skills will get stronger and stronger!

Good luck in all of your manifesting endeavors this week and I hope that you find this useful! Come back and let me know what you manifested!

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