This quick mood booster will help you to power though those days when you want to just kick rocks

Quick #MoodBooster to Help You Power Through Your Day

Moodbooster Spoiler: Endorphins. But you knew that already, right?

Sometimes you hear the health experts speak and you think blah blah blah they’re just trying to sell you on something else.

But this time, they’re right. Exercise for your health every single day, in some way, shape or form so you can walk upright at 90 years old and not have to ask a nurse to wipe your ass. Welcome to adulthood, my friends. When we do things we know we’re supposed to, even when we don’t want to.

Moodbooster Dab
How is she already cooler than me? She’s just 7 though! Am I old already? Sheesh

Today, as I’m writing this post, I’m having a pretty shitty day. It’s one of those days where if I was still in my 20s, childless, working for “the man”, I would have surely called in sick, stayed on my couch with a pizza and a super humongous milkshake scrolling IG and Twitter all day long engaging my mind in nothing else but absolute bullsh*t.

Reruns of Love and Hip Hop would have been on in the background, for good measure. However, I am a grown ass woman with people depending on me.

I have at least one person in my life who would also have a shitty day if I continued to wallow in mine. For she will come home ready to ravage the kitchen clean to its bare bones and it is my responsibility to provide her with something healthy to eat and a warm smile to reassure her home is her happy place.

I’m responsible for having a level head throughout homework time and a patient demeanour as she takes me through the karate routine she learned today and the gymnastics move she’s practising for tomorrow.

Even when I really wouldn’t mind if she buried her head in her tablet and watched her beloved Dan TDM videos so I can wallow in misery. (What is it about him that kids love so much?)

She’s so proud now that she’s mastered this. I’m proud too, I can’t do this. Yet. #FutureYogi

I’ve also taken on the wonderful challenge of working for myself. This means I don’t have the luxury of calling out sick and still collecting the same paycheck at the end of the month.

Have a good day with this tip! This quick picker-upper will help you to power though those days when you want to just kick rocks. I can’t gather in the office kitchen with my colleagues making my 3rd cup of coffee with 10 spoons of expensive creamer I can’t afford at home and chat about last night’s episode of mindnumbing TV drama with my cubicle neighbour.

I get paid for what I produce. So, I have to get up and produce. And not shitty content, but kick-ass content that will go viral and bring in lots of advertisers and readers and accolades. Woohoo!

The Ultimate Moodbooster

So what did I do? I got up and exercised. I surely didn’t want to do that. It was the laaaaaaaaaaast option in my head. The laaaaaaaaast thing I wanted to do. Ugh, really, truly? Do I have to? I just want to lay here and talk to my best friend about nothing all day.

But I got up and did the damn thing. If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories, you’d see that I have been trying to do what I can, where I am. Which means my gym subscription has lapsed and so I have taken to the steps outside of my apartment. Up and down I go on them bad boys every day for 30 minutes. Up and down the corridor with a few lunges and side squats thrown in the mix for good measure.

Then, for another 10 minutes or so, I work with my resistance bands to get some arm, chest and back work in. It seems really easy, simple and quick. I don’t have to get fresh to see people’s faces. I don’t have to get in my car and deal with traffic. All I gotta do is put on my sneakers and go outside in whatever trash I’m wearing and without combing my hair.

Today’s session was SO needed. It released just enough endorphins to write this blog post, start working on another project and go cook myself and my child a healthy meal for today and tomorrow.

That my friends is how you switch your mood out if only for a few more hours before you remember what put you in a funk and sink all over again. But until then, I am A-OK and ready to kick ass.

So next time you’re in a funk when you can’t afford to be, give it a try.

If you’re already at work then go outside for a walk. A power walk. Get that fresh air, clear your mind and release some good vibes. Then go at it again and kick ass!

How’s that for a #moodbooster? What other tips you got? I’m gonna need them when I open my messages later and realise that I didn’t exercise it all away.

P.S. These morning tips will probably help you to need this moodbooster less and less.


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  1. Still rooting for you …exercise does a lot of wonders, it increases a lot of positive energies. Your exercise advice is endorsed 100%. You are so brave and strong, a real inspiration for me on my journey. thanks for being my likkle beacon.