How to Rent a Car in the UAE for business purposes

How to Rent a Car in the UAE for Business Purposes

When going to the UAE on a business trip, car rental provides flexibility and independence to move around in busy cities and remote areas. You may have a preference for rent a car Sharjah as this option allows you to choose the ideal vehicle suited to your unique needs and perhaps even taste.

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This guide answers the question; how do you rent a car in the UAE for business purposes? It also addresses related concerns like;

  • What are the conditions for renting a car in Dubai and
  • Do you need an International Driving License to rent a car in Dubai? Read on.

What are the Conditions to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Familiarizing yourself with conditions for car rental in Dubai ensures that you do not rub shoulders with the law enforcers. It also ensures peace of mind on the road. For the UAE, these conditions aren’t complicated and generally include;

  • Meeting Age Requirement: As you probably, already expect, there is a specific age limit to be allowed on Dubai roads. Speaking of the age requirements, you qualify to rent a luxury car in Dubai if you’re at least 21 years old.
  • Having a Valid Passport: This may sound cliché but still worth the mention! You must have a valid passport to be able to rent a car in the UAE. So, check to ensure that your passport is up-to-date. It must also be readily available for the rental process.
  • Having an International Driver’s License (IDP): Also, to qualify to drive on Dubai roads, you will need to get yourself an International Driver’s License (IDP). An IDP can help with language barriers by ensuring that your credentials are recognized globally.
  • Driving Experience: This may be self-explanatory but to ensure safety on Dubai’s roads, you are required to have some driving experience. As a non-resident, it may be best to have between two and five years of driving experience.
  • Credit Card for Deposit: To rent a car in the UAE, it is standard practice to provide a credit card for a deposit. This safeguards the rental company against any potential damages and also helps ensure financial responsibility on your end.
  • Six-Month-Old Driving License: To be approved for luxury car rental, you will also need to have a driving license. This license should be at least six months old which we believe is required to ensure that you’re not only familiar with driving regulations but also comfortable behind the wheel.

Do I Need an International Driving Permit to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Driving regulations vary considerably. So, when thinking about car rental in Dubai, it is natural to be concerned about the required paperwork to complete car rental process. With this in mind you may want to ask; do I need an International Driving Permit to rent a car in Dubai?

Here’s a good answer;

For UAE residents, the required pieces of paperwork are a valid driving license and the Emirates ID. If you’re visiting the UAE, you will be required to present a valid driving license, an IDP, a tourist visa and your passport.

These documents must be presented in physical form. With digital copies, you may not get the approval for car rental in the UAE.

What are the Steps for Renting a Car in the UAE?

For first-timers, renting a car abroad may seem daunting. But, with Dubai it isn’t as complex as it may seem. You only need to grasp the basics, and you’re good to go. Here’s how to rent a car in the UAE in six steps;

  • Step 1, Confirm Driving Regulations in the UAE: Driving regulations are subject to change so even if you’ve been to Dubai, you may want to spend some time learning about the traffic rules and requirements. In particular, you will want to refresh your knowledge of or familiarize yourself with road signs, traffic laws and special driving regulations that may be different to what you’re used to in your country.
  • Step 2, Get your IDP: As already explained, the International Driving License is essentially a document that helps with the language barrier. It translates your driving license to multiple languages so it is easy for the authorities to confirm your driving regulations.
  • Step 3, Choose a trusted car rental company: To choose a trusted car rental company, research and compare the companies considering the varieties of cars they have on offer as well as the services. Once you’ve found a good fit, proceed with making your reservation either by contacting them directly or via their website if applicable.
  • Step 4, Confirm the insurance coverage: See to it that your insurance coverage provides cover for both damage and liability to the vehicle you’re renting. You may want to take your time to ensure that you understand your car rental company’s insurance policy and even consider purchasing an additional policy if you find it necessary.
  • Step 5, Confirm Documentation: Also, check to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation. Just to remind you, the documentation that may be necessary depending on whether you’re a visitor or a resident includes; your passport, UAE residence visa, Emirates ID and an IDP.
  • Step 6, Vehicle Pickup: On the day of your reservation, be punctual at the designated pickup location. Also, ensure that you have your required documents and reservation details on hand. The car rental company may also conduct a quick inspection before handing over the keys. Wrap the process all up by ensuring that you understand the terms and conditions of the rental before signing on the dotted line.

The Bottom Line

The steps for renting a car in the UAE are strikingly similar to other countries. The key difference may be in the required paperwork. So, it should be easy if you’ve rented a car abroad for business purposes.

Essentially, provided that you know the right steps abroad, renting a car in the UAE shouldn’t be stressful or take too much time. The most important step though is choosing the right car rental service.

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