6 Ways Developing Good Habits Can Improve Your Wellbeing

6 Ways Developing Good Habits Can Improve Your Wellbeing

One surefire way of improving your wellbeing is by developing good habits for your life.

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According to the CDC, there is no specific definition for wellbeing and this is because there are so many aspects to it. Well-being can be physical, psychological, economic, and social as well as several other types. It is hard to put an exact measure on well-being because every person is different and we all have differing priorities.

The many types of wellbeing mean that ensuring positive results is also a varied and complicated process. One thing is certain however and that is that by practicing daily good habits, most types of wellbeing can be improved. 

Good Habits

How Creating Good Habits Helps Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is tied heavily to the things we put into our bodies and how we choose to treat ourselves physically. When our daily eating ritual is geared toward healthy foods that maintain weight and general body health, this is greatly beneficial. When we have a daily habit of exercise this also improves our physical wellbeing. 

How Developing Good Habits Helps Us Mentally

Those suffering from problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety often find a chaotic life makes it harder to cope. When our emotions feel unstable our psychological wellbeing suffers as a result. This is where good habits can be a very beneficial system for bringing order to the chaos.

When we create good habits and daily rituals, we’re controlling aspects of our daily lives and this can be a great calming influence. These can include calming practices such as yoga and meditation or simply structured planning to make daily life run more smoothly. 

How Creating Good Habits Help Us Economically

Wellbeing expert Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. suggests that workplace wellbeing requires the building of new skills to help our confidence. Good habits are important in helping us learn new things because it gives us the motivation and focus to take in new information.

If we hope to advance in our careers on the way to greater economic wellbeing we must improve at our jobs.

Daily rituals of professional improvement help us move forward in our chosen careers or potentially in new more lucrative professions. 

Of course, building good habits in saving and investing and learning to manage our finances helps us in this area as well.

How Good Habits Builds Social Wellbeing

Some people seem to be born confident while others struggle to make social connections. Those who are shy or lack self-esteem can struggle in interpersonal relationships and may benefit from new daily habits.

There are many ways in which we can use good habits daily to help improve our confidence such as self-affirmation, social challenges, and stress management. As we practice habits to boost our confidence, we find it easier to deal with social situations and in turn boost our well-being. 

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The Calming Effect of Good Habits

The reason developing good habits in our lives is so important is because it brings order and meaning to our feelings of well-being. These habits may be religious in nature or practical for our everyday life but whichever they are they give us focus.

There is a goal to habits and when we have a goal it gives us something to achieve. Success makes us feel good, it boosts our well-being so by taking part in a good habit each day we feel better physically, emotionally, socially, or financially. 

10 Good Habits That Promote Personal Growth

When we start a daily habit such as a diet or exercise, we usually have to work at keeping this activity going. With consistent adherence to the habit, however, most people are wired to follow it until it becomes routine.

This means that eventually, you don’t need to find the same motivation for a workout that you used to or you automatically make healthy food choices. Over time rituals change your habits and this can be very beneficial for your wellbeing.

1. Establish Routines

Establishing daily routines for yourself is a strong way to promote personal development in your life. Whether they are routines designed to start off your day (i.e., morning routines) or to end your day (i.e., bedtime routines), such routines can work to add both structure and consistency to your life.

When you get in the habit of following a specific pattern each day, it can help you build the focus, determination, and regularity you need to apply to other areas of your life that practically aid you in achieving goals and accomplishing tasks.

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2. Journaling

Journaling is another way to promote personal growth. It gives us the space to process feelings and thoughts and releases negative experiences and events. By releasing these things onto paper, we free ourselves from the emotional burden of holding onto those things and we can move forward with our lives.

3. Observation

There is a lot we can learn via the simple practice of watching others. The people around us possess skills and knowledge that we can benefit from just by watching how they go about doing what they do. Specifically seeking out people who you consider to be high achievers or highly successful in an area where you want to grow is strategic and can be very beneficial to your growth.

Watch and learn from the people who inspire you. This could be someone you know, such as a supervisor, family member, or public figure. Identify the qualities you admire in them and try to replicate those in yourself.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being more present in and aware of the current moment. Mindfulness can be an asset to personal development because it works to enhance personal awareness and improve mental health outcomes.

Mindfulness can be practiced via meditation or yoga practices, among others. These activities work to build focus on the present and draw attention to yourself (i.e., breathing, thoughts, sensations in the body, etc.) all of which can help you know yourself better, advocate for yourself more effectively, and show up more authentically in your daily life.

10 Good Habits to Work on This Year

5. Reflection

Taking the time to reflect on yourself and your actions is essential to personal growth. Self-reflection, which often involves introspection, helps you gain critical awareness about yourself and your progress. By examining your own thoughts, feelings, and sensations you are able to gain insight into what is working well for you and helping you make progress, and what is preventing you from reaching your end target.

6. Open-Mindedness

Having an open mind is another habit that can be extremely useful as you pursue personal growth. Open-mindedness helps you to see other perspectives, embrace other ideas, and become more flexible and understanding. These are valuable benefits that can be applied to your life as you work towards goals, problem-solve, and interact with others.

Being closed-minded leads you to pass judgment and jump to conclusions that can be harmful to you, others, and the achievement of goals. By learning to be more open-minded you expand the possibilities for yourself and enhance learning and knowledge.

7. Look For Lessons In Failures

Often, when something we attempt does not go our way or produce the desired outcome, we have the tendency to consider it a failure. However, the simple practice of changing the word ‘failure’ to ‘learning’’ in our vocabulary can help us begin to embrace mishaps as learning opportunities and develop a more positive outlook when we don’t get the desired outcome.

Then we become better equipped to take risks that could result in rewards, and we become more resilient as we face challenges and obstacles.

8. Pursue Learning

Each day, take a small step to learn something new. This can be enrolling in a class online, reading a book on an unfamiliar subject, or watching a Youtube series about something new.

This helps you increase your knowledge and skills which can add value to other areas of your life. As you learn more and come to understand more, you are able to apply that knowledge and those skills in a manner that helps you in the pursuit of various goals.

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9. Seek Challenges

Challenges can be uncomfortable to embrace, but also very beneficial in the pursuit of personal growth. Challenging yourself by taking risks and tackling tasks you might deem difficult allows you to face your fears and build resilience.

You learn to embrace difficulties, adapt to change, and bounce back from hardships better and more quickly. Not only that, but you can also develop new skills, learn new information, create more opportunities,  and develop self-esteem by overcoming the challenges you face.

10. Seek Feedback

Feedback is a good way to gain insights and information about yourself that you would otherwise be unaware of. Getting an outside perspective on your behavior, efforts, and actions can help you reflect and build on what you know so that you can grow and improve moving forward.

Getting this information can help you to make necessary adjustments to yourself and your actions that will better lead you towards the goals you desire to achieve.

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