what is manifestation

What is Manifestation? 3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

What is manifestation? I’m about to tell you. I have been a student of manifestation and the Law of Attraction for years now and I’ve decided it’s time I share what I’ve learned so far because it is a topic that I am passionate about and love to share.

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what is manifestation

Unsure what manifestation is? Think it’s a little woo-woo? These are thoughts that come up a lot for those who are investigating personal growth and how to change their lives. Keep reading to learn more about how manifestation can help you create the life you want and achieve your goals.

What is Manifestation?

To manifest something is to create it using your thoughts and beliefs. How is this even possible, though? First, it helps to understand how our thoughts and ideas influence us. When you believe or value something, it changes how you see the world, how you perceive others, and how open you are to receiving opportunities and possibilities the world may have to offer.

For example, let’s say you need a new car. You think about how much you can afford, what you really want in terms of options, and what color your dream car would be. Suddenly, everywhere you turn, you see, hear about, and become aware of vehicles just like the one you want. You will hear about friends selling cars, deals people received on their new cars, and other messages that help you find what you are looking for. The world is guiding you to your new vehicle, and it is led there by your own desire to find a new car.

Everything you experience in this world is filtered through your mindset. The dominant beliefs and values you have will determine if you see an experience as positive or negative, as a possibility or a problem, as something that can help you or something that just gets in your way. When you learn to harness these powers, through manifestation, you can focus your beliefs and thoughts to help bring about the opportunities that will get you where you want to be.

The world is a reflection of you. It reflects your beliefs, actions, decisions, and energy. And, whatever you send out into the world will be reflected to you in new and sometimes unexpected ways. When you believe, for example, that you are worthy of love from someone who honors and respects you, you start expecting different things from potential partners and are willing to compromise less for your happiness.

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Who you are affects how you act, which dictates what you achieve. Embodying the person you want to become means thinking, feeling, and acting like the person who has already achieved their dreams. This is that fake it til you make it mindset. This commitment helps you do what needs to be done to have the things you most desire. If I act as if I have a fulfilling job, I start making decisions that guide me to a dream position, and I soon have what I most want in the world, which is a better job.

So, manifestation is learning to transform your life by believing in yourself, creating the conditions that allow you to achieve, and being open to possibilities and opportunities that help you realize your goals. When you do these things, the universe answers by sending back the things you need to achieve what you most desire.

This process is not just wishful or positive thinking. It does require action. It means you must set clear goals for yourself, know what you want, remain focused on that, and transform beliefs that may be limiting your success. When you embrace the power of manifestation, you can achieve powerful things and realize important, lifelong dreams. And you can connect with yourself in a deep and meaningful way.

But, when you do these things, you are consciously creating your life and choosing who you are becoming. You are influencing your decisions and options with your outlook and values. You are co-creating your life.

what is manifestation

How to Start Manifesting

We’ve talked about the fact that manifesting is the idea that what you put out into the universe, whether actions, words, or energy, will come back to you eventually. Thus, the idea is that in order to be on the receiving end of good things we need to be thinking and doing good things.

So how do we incorporate it into our lives? Honestly, manifestation is already at work in our lives, but most of us are unaware of this fact. Thus, many of us are manifesting negative things and outcomes simply because our thoughts and actions are more negative than positive.

In order for manifestation to work more in our favor, we have to be intentional about changing our thoughts and subsequently aligning our actions so that we begin to manifest good in our lives.

Here are my three steps to help you get started with manifestation.

Step 1: Visualize

The first step of manifestation is visualizing what you want for yourself. Whether it’s good health, success, or love, you have to first get clear about what you want. Then you can begin visualizing what your life would be like with that thing in it.

Visualization moves you from simply desiring something to actively assessing how having that thing will impact your life. Many people, myself included, use vision boards as a tangible way to practice this concept. By consistently seeing the things you want in life and the impact those things will have on your life, you increase your level of expectation.

Step 2: Believe in Your Manifestation

Once you have a vision of what you want and how your life would improve as a result, you have to believe that it can happen. It’s one thing to want something, it’s another thing to fully expect that something can come into your life. More than that, one should consider moving from a thought process that believes it can happen, into a thought process that believes it will in fact happen for you. It is with this confidence that you can then attract those things you desire.

Tip: This step trips up many people. If you’re working minimum wage right now and you desire to own a home, it can be hard to believe this is possible for you. Instead of thinking how hard it will be to achieve that on your own, think instead of all the ways it might happen. You could win the lotto, you could inherit a home, you could marry a rich man, you could be called to star in a TV series and win a home. The possibilities are endless. Instead of focusing on how hard your manifestation seems, focus on the fact that there is some possibility that it just could happen, and keep that faith.

Step 3: Operate As If

A final key to manifesting the things you want in life is to operate as though those things have/will happen. You might be able to visualize and believe, but it can be a challenge for people to operate as though the thing they want will actually happen. More often than not, people do visualize and believe, yet they still make decisions that demonstrate they have doubts. Operating as though the thing has happened or will happen demonstrates a level of confidence that is more likely to attract what you want in your life.

Let’s go back to the owning your own home manifestation. Operating as if you already own a home would be fixing up your current space to look like you own it. It could be purchasing new curtains that will hang in your new bedroom. It could be buying a key rack to hold your new keys. Find some small way of showing yourself that you already own this home strengthen the desire and the manifestation.

Through the principles of manifestation you can attract a host of positives for the mind, body, and spirit. Active practice of manifestation can be linked to improved mental & physical health, positive friend & romantic relationships, and even success & financial prosperity.

Because manifestation is primarily about shifting the mindset and aligning actions and behaviors to match that more positive mindset, there is truly no limit to what you can manifest. So develop a practical way to incorporate manifestation in your daily life and see what good comes unto you.

Start small and flex your manifestation muscles as they grow. Try to manifest a free donut or cup of coffee today with the tips above and see what happens.

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